Why can't it look like this?

We’ve all probably done it. You’re doing tournament battles or friend battles, and without thinking, you just jump right into the regular arena with that junk team. Why can’t the arena page look something like this? This is just a crude edit, but you get the point.


That’s not a bad idea actually. That would be handy.

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How about just a dropdown with 4 pre-made team picks.

“Pick a team to Battle with:

[Team A name]

[Team B name]

[Team C name]

[Team D name]


they should just do two tabs. one arena, one tourney. simple as pressing the button and your team is there setup. so even if you press the arena by accident you still have your arena team already setup and still have to press battle.

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There definitely needs to be an option for 2 or 3 different team builds.

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