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Why can't we buy speed boosts?


Why isn’t it in the store with health and attack boosts? I don’t understand this.


once a day for me. and only health and attack. if there was no limit, the game would be boring again because the same creatures would be maxxed. jmo


Might as well add them to the store.

They won’t do any more damage to the game then the Health and Attack already have, so might as well make more $.

I bet the coming Crit and Armor boosts will be available in the store.


I’m not convinced that armor and crit boosts will ever come, atleast not anytime soon.

Just like all the new moves they found in 1.3 that we still don’t have.


Crit and armor could max out at like 20% each though… still strong but it would only feel broken on stuff like thor and tryko.

Honestly i think their holding off on flooding the market with speed cause of the impacts it has in the game.

My tryo doesnt really change much in its role with more health and damage… but the 136 speed mine currently has makes it so i start to feel bad when i realize my opponent doesnt have anything faster… lol


So you can purchase speed boosts? How?


not speed boosts. only hp and attack. one of each per day. oh nvm. my head is elsewhere


Ah ok lol. Some ppl have been able to purchase speed boosts. I haven’t seen it available


I havent seen it available but i got a some speed boosts in a boost incubator for the game being down all day on tuesday


interesting. i havent seen those yet. i only get 4 speed a day from daily incs


Did ios people get that inc? Cause it was a 10 10 5 inc… 5 being speed boosts.


Speed boosts only from daily incu for me currently


HP/attack is one thing, being able to buy speed boosts would break the game.
but would sell obviously, so ludia might do it eventually :man_shrugging:


That’s all I get as well. Dk how it was possible. But had photo proof. Maybe once we hit a certain tier on a creature they become available. No idea


I agree it would. I think the boosts are moving too rapidly as it is now. But I’m sure as the requirements per lvl increase. Things will slow down

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I expected there to be speed boosts in the store. But i also expected only one pack of 25 per week of each type. Then again, this could be short term for all we know. They could be making them available every day to ensure people are enjoying the new boost system and trying things out.


This is news to me, but it’s good to know. Now, if I see someone with a crazy high boosted speed on 1 dino, I’ll know they were able to buy it. Meaning, at a higher tier than the +4 from daily incs and that first free taste they gave us all would even allow. Is it just chance on which 2 of the 3 are offered in the daily sales, or what?


Eviction, I did the same thing.


Dk exactly. But they said it was once they reached tier 3 they could purchase. But only once

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I didn’t get one. I’m iOS and all, but that’s still bs. I want a boosts inc too. I had to play the game with almost no one else to match with, it was horrible. I deserve satisfaction :joy::joy: