Why Cant We Have 2 Attempts while shooting the legendaries in events?

I know there are but ive only been in one since i started playing 2 years ago. They should just have the legendary events with 2 attempts. Or better yet 3 and then 2 unique attempts.

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I think it was because of one of the St Patrick day event with getting 5 attempts on 5 uniques so people put 5 attempts on one unique and broke the arena. Ludia probably didn’t want free unique creatures to be made from darting—

—even though tournaments have been giving a lot of tyrant tiers this year. Especially rhino, gem, skoona, and then testa becoming a problem later down the line (I don’t see phorurex as an issue since it’s components should be easy to get but it has been more prevalent in aviary battles for me)


Yeah indeed. It is soo less now