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Why can't we have special scents in supply drops again?

The absence of scents makes me sad.
In the past, anytime there was a special event we used to have special event scents in supply drops.

As an example, last Halloween was like that. Spinning drops and there was a chance for halloween scent. I could go and scent the event creatures every day till the end of the event.

Then why can’t we have that again? What happened that they don’t appear anymore?


last time I saw that happen was in the easter week I think, there were a lot of hadrosaurs. But the supply drops would give you a nest protector scent which was nice. I just wish ludia would maybe update the scents. Like having the new sauropods in the sauropd scent or new tyrannoaurs in the titan or apex scent thing

That’s exacly what my own memory tells me.
Yes, I believe that Nest Protector scents on Easter were the last to appear in supply drops.


were they in regular supply drops or the green ones?

what even happened to the scent strike towers.

This I’m not sure of, but I think they were in the regular supply drops?

Which scent towers do you mean?
The themed scent ones appear once a week (special event or not) but, as any other drop/tower, they appear randomly on the map.
I don’t remember which one this was but one took me a looong time walking to even find it.

the themed ones

no they are here
i remember a cute creatures scent strike

Then like I mentioned, the themed scent strikes appear normally.
(Unless they fail to put them on the map :woman_shrugging:)
But really, only one scent from just a strike tower is no fun. :frowning:

These kind of scents? I love to collect them, they’re so colourful, agree it’s a shame we don’t see many anymore


They were in event supply drops

Oh yes, these. :smile:
I love collecting them too but unfortunately I lost some to display bugs.
(Like going to a scent, game lags and it displays a giga, I press start… BOOM! Started the valentine scent :roll_eyes:)

But since they don’t give us these scents in supply drops anymore, collecting means never trying them unless I buy one. And the ofers disappear too fast. :roll_eyes:

I really wish the supply drops themed scents would come back!

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Ah I think I lost a couple the same way. Such a shame