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Why can't we purchase the boosts all the time?

I think its ridiculous you let everyone buy over the weekend, now u can’t buy any at all, how fair is that?


Maybe because the situation needs to be fixed first?

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Yeah well I’m sick of all these idiots way lower than me beating me with their speed maxed out and I’ve spent way too much on this game just to delete it. It should of either been kept up to purchase or not at all, plain and simple

And how do u suppose they “fix” it

Have you been on the forum at all today? :sweat_smile:


U can still buy speed boosts. Have lower than 8 in your inventory and press upgrade on a tier 3 dino. Boom speed boosts to buy

Same applies for tier 4. U can buy from a tier 4 dino when u have 23 in your inventory

I have 5 so no, that isnt true

And I dont have a tier 3 dino

You can’t buy it without a tier 3 speed dino. That’s why it’s not working for you

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Have a tier 3 speed dino and have less than 8 in inventory. Press upgrade and u get the option to buy them. Can’t buy from a tier 1 or tier 2. Doesn’t work

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Keep your money in your pocket. Don’t give to this company.


Who me @Heather? No I dont get on here much anymore, just drama, why do u ask that?
I used to like to be on here, now it’s just ppl arguing all the time so Nope dont get on much😒

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When this game first came out I was on here all the time, now that I have my alliance I dont need to be on here. I just wanted a moderator to see my post really, that’s all

And Justin idk how I would get less than 8 if I want to increase to the next tier, what if u have more, it wont work then?

U have to first get to tier 3. Then once ur tier 3, as long as your inventory is between 0-7 u can buy them

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And no if u have more than 8 it won’t work.

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Just give it a week or 2. Ship has taken on too much water at this point. They will look to let anyone willing to spend money to win do so.

Ok gotcha, thanks for your help

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I’m not sure anyone outright said it, but there was an exploit some people were able to take advantage of earlier where you could buy unlimited boosts in the shop. The option was taken down so people could no longer exploit this glitch.