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Why Cautious Strike should stay the same (please tell me)

I believe Ludia would tell the truth with survey results. By extension, I believe a fair number of people voted for no change on G2 Indo. I believe people are out there who still approve of it staying the same.
But on this forum, I have never once heard a single argument saying G2 Indo needs no change. Not once. That surprises me. Out of all the varying views I’ve heard on nearly every game issue under the sun, not once.

I understand there is a risk in this post. My concern is that people may say G2 Indo needed no change, and then a horde of unhappy players will bear down on whoever said it with a mob of torches and pitchforks. Please don’t do that, y’all.

So, would anybody like to tell me why G2 Indo should stay the same? Did some people vote “don’t change Cautious Strike, but nerf this other feature” and the specific nerf you voted for didn’t get majority? That happens sometimes. It happens with legal documents sometimes, too. Or are there other factors involved?

Please no venom against Ludia itself or any of the voters, I’m happy with that staying inside the Dilophoboa.


Like they told the truth with the scents in parks cough
Also, there were 2 people who wanted no change to Indo G2.

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I definitely voted to remove speed up from cautious strike. It makes no sense to have speed up when mutual fury speeds it up


Oh, there’s an idea…
Remove speedup: 14%
Remove distraction: 14%
Remove evasion: 14%
Remove precision: 14%
Remove cleansing: 14%
Nerf something else: 14%
Keep it the same: 16%

Votes for nerfing: 84%
Votes for staying the same: 16%
Winning majority: Keep it the same

Good heavens, I’d think they’re better than that, but could it be?


You’ve figured it out!

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having 2 compounding ways to mitigate damage, while also increasing speed, cleansing and hitting through evasion makes for a super strong basic attack. And so far, there wasn’t anything to keep it in check when Maxi lost her definite rampage. That’s why people wanted CS changed.

There will be varying opinons on this, but by not changing it now does not mean they are not going to change it. Theres a lot of new stuff in this update. Maxi and Gemini got definite abilities. some new counters and creatures as well. changing it now without any combat data with the new mechanics may result in it changing too much.

And your example Kadaxas may be part of why they are waiting.


I never got to vote. Link was broken every time…


Or maybe it be like this…
Nerf Cautious Strike: 45%
Nerf something else: 55%

Alright, what should we nerf?

Should we nerf its stats?
Yes: 33%
No, let’s nerf its stats/rampage/mutual fury/evasion instead: 67%

Should we nerf its rampage?
Yes: 33%
No, I already said nerf Cautious Strike and that’ll be enough: 50%
No, nerf its stats: 17%

Should we change Mutual Fury?
Yes: 20%
No, nerf something else: 80%

Test results: “So, we see here that Cautious Strike is not what needs nerfing. We also see majorities against nerfing stats, evasion, or anything else that’s part of Indo G2. We see a lot of people complaining, but they can’t seem to pick out anything that needs nerfing. So we’ll just not nerf anything and figure they’ll get used to it. Simple backlash of adding a new dinosaur.”

Ah… Reduce G2 Indo’s influence by increasing everyone else’s ability to counter it. That makes sense.
I find it maybe a little ironic by giving the counter ability to the dino everyone said was overpowered before, but now we know we need this Godzilla to face a greater danger.
A valid method. I see they’re doing the same against Dracoceratops. It’s not enough yet, if you ask me, and G2 Indo will still need a nerf. But it’s a start.

And, yes, I suppose when they do nerf G2 Indo, they may just want to make sure they do it the first time. They got a lot of backlash earlier when they just changed Swap-In DSR to a normal swap-in rampage. Quite a few didn’t think it was enough. Understandable if they’re holding their punches. :laughing: Poor guys.

Thank you for your insight.

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It makes loads of money so why change? This also applies to procerathomimus

Someone in my alliance pointed out that when the survey first went out, G2 Indo raptor didn’t seem so bad… Yet. But now everyone has it, it’s wildly out of hand, and not even Maxima can throttle it. Now it’s bad, and very visibly so. So maybe if the survey were sent out now, we’d all be clamoring to say


Cause ludia is doing what is called a pro gamer move

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I think ludia is telling the truth.
Perhaps most people who use indo g2 dont want it to get nerf (i understand that).
I would get a mental breakdown if ludia would hard nerf my geminititan that i spend hours and hours to grind. On the other hand i wouldn’t open a new topic to ask for nerfs of my favorit hybrid (Dont nerf titan please).

I think there are a hugh player base who is not interacting in the forum. Perhaps they love Incomeraptor and if so then we will never get a survey based nerf.


This is exactly why some of us said survey based balance changes was bad. Very few are gonna vote to nerf a dino they worked on and leveled, spent boosts on. Especially when Ludia is always over nerfing things.

Just like if they did a survey on Thor… Thor would get a significant buff… everyone that boosted him would vote for a buff… and people that replaced him would also vote for a buff. Of course the people who hate thor would vote for a nerf… and when the voting went against what they wanted they would be very vocal about it.

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There was a consensus that superiority strike needed to be changed when it cleansed… Think about that for a second, a move that decelerated your opponent and cleanse was considered too powerful yet a move that weakens your opponent reduces the likelihood of them dealing damage to you speeds you up and cleanses is considered fine? I guarantee you in a new update in the future it will get nerfed, the issue is that people are pouring money into it right now and they don’t want to stop that


Oh, I remember that horror story. Murder Stego murdered my sanity daily when I was new. It even said in the description that it only cleansed distraction, but it cleansed all. That was a glitch it took them forever to fix, good heavens I can’t tell why. Then they’re like, “Hey, guess what, we’re changing this move for arena balance! News flash, it actually does what it says now!” facepalm
That dinosaur has committed many crimes against Bleederville…

But I guess that also solidifies the idea that Ludia’s not simply keeping things unbalanced to make more money. Even before stat boosts existed, we had problems like this. Just part of the price of playing an expanding game. Growing pains. Growing pains forever. But boy, look at the view…

Actually wait, scratch that, look in five minutes. Right now the view’s not that pretty

That and Indoraptor gen 2 is a pain to create.
It’s for me, even harder than Ardentismaxima, Magnapyritor and Trykosaurus.
What’s worse is that this girl uses tons of blue at lvl 26 and gives me only 10.


This is correct, there is many more players than what’s on this forum and other places. There’s so many players in the arena who I’ve never seen post anywhere in the community before.

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It was better back in 1.9 when it had no precise, and dodge was only 50% chance to dodge 66% of damage.