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Why change velocity

I’d like to know why, I repeat WHY, velocity changes in middle of a combat. I mean there is no reason and it’s so frustrating that you only want un install this game.

Please fix this or give the players info to know that it’s random, you are about to win but the app gives your opponent more velocity (don’t even ask, there is no reason) and yes, finally you lose and feel like an idiot.

Thanks genius.

Certain moves affect your own speed while others affect your opponents - they all last a number of turns and then the effect wears off.

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That’s what makes it exciting because you don’t know what to expect and it would be pretty boring without deceleartion. Otherwise Indo would destroy everyone.


Otherwise, I think that If you open the creature info in the Middleton of the fight it should tell how much speed, attack, vulnerable and other status effect are nerfed (like If you are hit by decel impact and decel rampage, If you open the dino info tab the game would tell you that the speed is nerfed by 100%)