Why Cunning Creature Strike Towers today?

I’m kind of confused on why the towers are cunning creatures today. Shouldn’t they be Halloween still?

I really like the potential Dilophosaurus DNA in cunning creatures.

Halloween events are continuing. Even though hallows eve is no longer eve and it’s All Saints day. It’s fine they change a bit now.

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I see now they are going to sprinkle in some other themes this week. I also like the Dilo DNA, but without the occasional event with Ouranosaurus it’s kind of just sitting there. I’d like to see a Hadrosaur week and another week of the theropods or armored guys… something different. I even really enjoyed the halloween theme so far to be honest.

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Just completed the three strike, not one silo dna :frowning:

Wish they would have an impossible to find theme.


I didnt get any Dilo either, was really hoping for it

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Dilo is the only good thing in the cunning creatures exept the monolophosaurus

Like irritator and dilo

“Elusive Creatures” lol Sino, Kapro, Mono, Irritator, Bary, Dilo,


I would love the elusive creatures tower or event week.


Went to a nearby city this morning and they had more than just the cunning strikes. Plus a ridiculous amount of treasure chests. Unfortunately I was busy and couldn’t go running around trying to get all of the stuff that flat out doesn’t spawn in the country. Had already uninstalled the game once and my cousin talked me into redownloading it when he found out about the Halloween event this week. And now after seeing the extreme bias against the country I’m ready to uninstall again.

Is this the only strike event today?

Stygimoloch gen 2

I have a race to victory strike tower also here

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