Why Daily Mission Start time diff?

I am puzzle as to why Eastern Countries starting time for our daily mission starts at 1pm?
All our efforts in the morning, when it can be contributing to the mission are wasted.
We can’t even know how much we had accomplished the whole day.
Anyone know?

Different Time zones. I’m eastern time and my coins and supply drop stuff restarts at 8pm. My event and strike towers are 1am. My daily missions is 1am. My event supply drops disappear before reset at 9am. I believe that’s all of them.

My daily mission start 1pm, supply drops n coins reset 8am, daily incubator i think is by every 21 hour, not sure.
Everything is fine except the daily mission, why start in the middle of the day when all efforts done in the morning are wasted.

I’m in the UK I am grateful that the strike towers and event drops reset mid afternoon. I find it so much easier to have the later afternoon, evening and following morning to do what I need to.

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Is very strange in our time zone when daily mission start 1pm, new strike towers at 10pm, daily incubator start 6am, Drops for coins start 8am…
All different timing. If u leave early morning for work before 8am, all you spin wasted.
Before 1pm, whatever u done cannot be contributed to the daily mission.
Same to strike towers, we have to wait till daily mission start 1pm to take advantage of the DNA count.
Why are they not all start at local time at 06:00.

Yeah it’s stupid. Sometimes I go out after 8pm when the coins reset and I’ll get all my supply drop coins and hard cash for the next day. It helps though because I work 6am until sometimes 6pm and if I work late I only have 2 hours to get my coins for the day.

I think everything should just reset at midnight for whatever your time zone is lol it’s that simple. Ive suggested it before.

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My Daily Missions start at 10:30 am IST.
Strikes and Green Supply Drops starts at 19:30 IST but ends at 18:30 IST.

its because they never adjusted for daylight savings time. so when we put the clocks back again it will be back to normal.