Why de-evolving should be a thing


Well, as the headline says, de-evolving should be a thing. Reasons for that:

  • many people accidently evolved creatures whose DNA they still needed for hybrids
  • all the nerfing and buffing with all the updates makes us reconsider our line-up and in some cases a recompense would be in order;
  • getting the invested coins back!
  • more flexibility

What do you think?
Any more reasons, that didn’t come to my mind?


Does that make ludia money? No.

There’s your answer


It would if they charged a nominal fee for it LOL


Happy customers are more likely to spend money.


Maybe 500 cash for delevel one level.


or they can charge a significant amount!

Either way they would get my money!


No, why does everything have to be so easy for you guys? Go out there to farm more dna and spin supply drops and complete strikes to earn coins!


Wouldn’t really be fair to allow de evolving… some dinos are better at lower levels and not so much at higher. By allowing devolution you could gain the benefits at both ends, just farm…


I do like the idea of de-evolving. Helps you re-strategize your teams based on the current meta/your requirements. Would be happy if there was this feature implemented along with certain fines like:

  • You get less amount of coins (e.g.: half the coins) for de-evolving level vs same evolution level.
  • You loose the DNAs used in earlier evolution/get only part of it back.
  • Restriction put on de-evolving certain dinos which are part of some hybrid requirement.

I agree with others that a company looks forward to make profit. Maybe this feature can be bought from store for coins/game cash.


If this were to happen they likely would not give you back your cash but refund some coin/Dna. Not all of the them but like 50%. You also would likely only be able to de-evolve back to say level 20. Why would they do this? It would be further into the life of the game to keep players engaged. As long as they are finding more and more ways to give us DNA through events, strikes, battles etc. And coins through treasure chests. There won’t be a reason to look at this option…that all said…it would be nice to de-evolve my dimetrodons back 2 levels and use the DNA for a hybrid.


It’s not about getting coins per se, it’s about getting your investment back.


Why should you get your investment back? There is absolutely no reason for it. Some people play alot and invest alot of money to be competitive and have many top level dinos. It wouldn’t be fair towards them.


It would be fair to them too, since they can do the same. But I see that you’ve got your opinion and you’ll hold on to it. So let’s just agree to disagree :wink: