Why Default Level Tournaments Aren't Worth It

Okay, so as of this morning the Rare, Epic, and Legendary tournament has started. And already myself and many other players I’ve talked to are infuriated at the stuff they are seeing. Possibly one of the if not the biggest problem is Indoraptor Gen 2. Considering it is by far a top tier legendary, there’s very few things you can do about it. Especially if said Indoraptor Gen 2 is at a very high level (25+) and boosted. Now I know that Mammotherium and possibly Entelomoth are counters to this creature for this tournament, but there are problems with both of them. Entelomoth is still a fairly new legendary, and there are very few people that have it at a viable level. And with Mammotherium, I think it’s fair to assume that it will get a unique hybrid, so theres no point in leveling it past 20. The same goes for Entelomoth. There are very few players that truly enjoy default level tournaments when boosts are enabled. About eighty percent of other players greatly struggle from being highly out leveled, out boosted, or both. Just to make it clear to those reading, I have many level 20 legendaries, so to call me a noob who doesn’t know what they’re talking about is illogical and frankly rude.

You are supposed to lose to dinos that you cannot counter.
The 80% are supposed to rank under the 20%.
What am I missing here?

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Because it’s not fair.

How so?
Higher level dinos beating lower level dinos is about as fair as you can get.
Might makes right.

We had this exact same tournament last weekend with same rarities and equal level. That was everyone’s chance to participate in the skilled tournament. And for every Advantage Tournament there are at least 3 skilled ones. So I think having advantage tournaments is perfectly fair as there are plenty of opportunities for people to just skip them and participate in the others.


You’re missing that most players don’t like a tournament that is supposed to be enjoyable :slightly_smiling_face:.

Having higher level dinosaurs doesn’t automatically mean a win. My lvl 19 boosted indoraptor gen 2 beat a non boosted level 22 indoraptor gen 2. The only boosts I even have on my is tier 2 speed.

Most players don’t participate in something they don’t enjoy.
I wouldn’t anyway.

Then it’s working as intended.

My first match up - opponent starts with a level 28 highly boosted indoR2, beats my first 2 dinos and swaps in a level 30 highly boosted rat that kills my third.

My second match up - opponent starts with a highly boosted level 27 indoR2, beats my first 2 dinos and swaps in a level 30 Monostegotops to finish my third.

My third match - well, let’s just say I didn’t bother looking any longer and just did the other ten battles I needed for my daily tasks.

I lost all ten, not even close to a win.

My team btw was highest a level 26 Trago unboosted, lowest a 24 Suchotator unboosted and a mix in between but nothing to get close to the high level IndoR2.

But at least I got my 12 battles done without having to go into the arena.

I’m not wasting my time on this. It’s VERY unfair and mental Ludia allows it. People with level 20 dinos are matched with level 28-30 and super boosted. I won’t even start complaining about indo g2 and procera.

It’s a tournament. Everyone starts out at equal standing. Those who are stronger will move up, but until they do, they can be matched with anyone in the same bracket. I don’t see how that start to a tournament is unfair considering players are across numerous time zones and start the tournament at different times.

I actually like advantage tournaments. I’m not going to be anywhere near the top so i set my sights on a lower reward. I’m usually less disappointed in theses ones than in the skill tournaments.

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If you have a few legendary dinos level 24+ and boosted then of course you will like it. I don’t have any. Matching doesn’t work here.

I don’t have anything over lv 22. and only one boosted dino that fits the tournament requirements. and no it isn’t indo g2 or procerath.

I rather stick to the arena. It’s a lot better than this stupid tournament which is a slaughterhouse in my view. lol

Advantage Tourneys give endgame players like myself an excuse to keep pushing.
To focus on other things that aren’t your top 8.

There are monsters lurking in it? You bet.
But knowing they are there, and that you usually are not gonna be able to do something about it… for me? it makes it fine.
I don’t have a really stronger team for this, but currently I’m sitting on the top 100.
So, while I agree that I love SKILLED more, I’m fine with having some of this in between.


i like to take a break from the annoyance that is Aviary for a while. Get some battles in and not worry about my seasonal standing. to each their own.

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I do well in the arena. Nearly all my unique dinos are level 30. Yes, they’re boosted and more importantly I have strong counters for indo g2 and procera which I can’t use in this tournament. I just don’t want to waste DNA and coins to level up epic or legendary. xD

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Not entirely sure how accurate this is, because I was ranking #30 and received two very obviously new JWA players with the matchmaking (and this was a while after it started). Thrashed them with my boosted dinos and felt a little bad about it.

Matches have been even more hit and miss than arena, for better or worse. I either win 3-0 or lose 3-0 this time around.

yeah that shouldn’t be happening.