Why Default Level Tournaments Aren't Worth It

I had one match like the one you describe, too.
Made me feel a bit bad.

I played 3 matches and all 3 started against Indo 2. Luckily I drew my level 26 UNBOOSTED Phorasaura twice and both times she took out the Indo

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I hate Skilled Tournaments. Its just RNG and minor skill. You draw Indo G2 you will win. You draw Miraigaia in a Commons only tournament, you sweep.

These default level ones are bad too mainly because they feed the boost beast. I find them less annoying since I get to try out new dinos in a proper competition without being beaten by sheer luck by a noob with a lvl 16 pretending to be a lvl 26.


Well I get the feeling of a new player can just use there lvl 26 dinos in skill. But that helps keep them in the race as new players.

I also like advantage tourneys better, but I like both and think back to back skill/advantage/skill/advantage should be the trend. Just because skilled is rng mostly but has some wits. But you can easily collapse with 5 bad rng losses in a row based on random.

That doesn’t happen with my default team. It gives a chance at using your dinos. Which were worked for. And you know those odd creatures you might have on the bench. We get to use them as they’re.

At least they have more skill tournaments than advantage ones. For these I usually just get three wins for top 5k and then sit out the rest. I think the advantage ones would be fun though if I had more money to level up non meta dinos.