Why did he get 1k damage while distracted?

Hey guys, I used Instant Distraction with my Dioraja and opponent‘s Sarcorixis could still kill me with 1k dmg. Is this right?



doesnt make sense… should’ve only allowed maybe 300 dmg. unless imobolize weakens you but its not in the description.

Did it have ferocious strike activated?

He mustve done ferocious strike, seeing as how there are yellow effects around the sarco. So 150% - 90% = 60% Damage output done


Ah ok thx I thought the 90% would also effect the +50%. Like if the raised dmg would be reduced by 90%. :sweat_smile:

no. look at the move it was his standard move

i think because he priority immobilize before you instant distracted(you stunned in pic) that actually cancelled the distract somehow and left you wide open for his second attack.

You can faintly see yellow around it in the first picture. So it probably used FS beforehand.


No i mean before the armour peircing strike. There are little yellow sparks around the sarco. Either that or im …

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Yes he used Ferocius before that. Then the stun and then APS. I just thought that the ID would reduce the buffed dmg of Sarco.

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if he was under ferocious boost. a lvl 28 tier six boosted sarco deals 2716(1811+50%) damage. 90% of that blocked by id… i think thats how it works…

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you forgot one point,now its no more ferocious strike but ferocious impact!
So now ,it deal 50% more damage + 1,5x damage!

thats not the move used though. it is armor pierce strike

The buff from Ferocious strike / impact lasts 2 more turns after the turn it’s used.

Yup, damage buffs and debuffs are added together, not multiplied. It’s not -90% of the total, it’s 50-90 equals -40% from base damage, so it does 60% of its base damage.
The ferocious buff does last 3 turns, like ferocious strike.

ahh ok. my bad

whaaaaat? i always thought it was 90% of total.
this makes a big difference in strategies. ferocious-like creatures can deal better with distracters.

is that also with 50% distract moves? -50 +50 so a positive increase move nullify a distract effect?

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Yeah… same way distract moves stack ie… -50%-50% = 0 damage

(Base Damage - 90%) + 50%
Like @NewNewbie said.

so game calculates all percentage involved first and then apply to base damage?

base damage = 1000
lets get all % activated:
-90 (distract) +50 (ferocious) + 25 (1.8 crit sucess) = -15%
final damage = 850

is it? :thinking:

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