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Why Did I Unlock Suchodus Instead of Bananogmius 😳

Suchodus then slams Lord Megafin leaving him physically damaged. He loses control of his balance as he falls down the depths of the Cave and falls.

Later, at Caveshire, Suchodus takes the throne. The other Caveshire creatures are sad as they hear Suchodus’ false version of how Lord Megafin was lost.


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Oh that’s tragic maan. :pensive: I yelled for him few seconds ago as a loyal peasent, and now he died. Kingdoms are so slippery nowadays, but what do I know? :expressionless: Whatever, better I go back to my windmill to grind wheat and smile at my beloved wife’s face with the joy of being poor.

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But the story doesn’t end there. Megafin’s heir Prince Musagill swims far away and befriends two Reef-dwelling creatures. He lives a life of no worries for many years. Then one day, he contemplates about his real home. Suddenly, many bubbles appear and the Prince hears Megafin’s voice, “Remember who you are.”

Boldened by the realisation, he swims back to Caveshire. Along with Megafin’s old army, he overthrows Suchodus and takes back control of Caveshire.

The King… has returned.


Super, Jurassic Fury, Super.

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Thank you. :smiley:

Good old Ludia shenanigans :laughing:
Yesterday in JWA we had new creatures partially released in the game from the upcoming update. They were scrambling to cover it up, they accidentally removed one that wasn’t put there by accident :man_facepalming:(it’s back now)

If it was done on purpose, it was certainly a fun thing to do

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You don’t need to thank me

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This is some pro level story telling. Just amazed bro. Well done. :clap::clap::clap:

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Thanks! :smiley:

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