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Why did Ludia reduce the 15 dart achievement to 13 but left the 10 perfect hits on an epic untouched?

The 15 dart achievement was literally impossible on non VIP accounts, and the 10 direct hits on an epic hindering the progress and locking you from achieving 11th rank is abyssmal. That on top of the poorly performing game makes this almost impossible. Either reduce it to 8 or don’t make it lock you out of 11th rank


Because one is achievable without VIP and one is not


Given up on both these achievements. Not the best at darting and can only squeeze off 12 dates max (non vip).


Barely did the 13 one. Didnt even bother to dart anything and jsut fired them off as soon as I could.took a few attempts to get it. It would definiy be near impossible for a less responsive phone.

I also gave up on archivements, that 10 perfect dartings on one epic destory my whole fun on the new archivements update. will stuck at this stupid quest forever. very sad

stuck there now for more than 10days without any way to beat that stupid task


13 darts is still impossible for me (non VIP). Evem when there is 1 second on time 13th dart isn’t fired. Normally, I can fire dart when time is already on 0. Quess I’ll need to buy VIP to finish it. Probably once when I’ll collect 300 DBIs.

EDIT: Did 10 perfect hits on Euclado. Euclado, Scodonto, Koola, Anky, Monolopho are all good options. Require some practice, but it’s normally possible. Probably Dakota is good option too.


The 10 perfect hits on an Epic is doable without VIP. It’s tough, but it’s doable. 8 would be pretty dang easy TBH.

The 15 Shots was straight up impossible without VIP, so yeah, it should have been changed.

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speak for yourself. max i’ve gotten on anky, deer, and seco was 7 if i had amazing luck.
can’t check koola or even try it since i haven’t seen one all month.


I have no huge problem if they leave it at 10 (for people with good phones and fast data connections… but it REALLY needs to be removed as a pre-requisite for anything. Even the 13 dart achievement is too much for my wife’s phone. It simply is NOT possible.

When it takes the game 2 seconds to realize you have put your finger on the screen, then speed achievements are not humanly possible.

Anyone saying it’s perfectly doable to get 10 direct hits on an epic, fair play to you because you are a far better darter than me.

I’ve given up on the achievements now as I know I can’t do that, it took me an absolute age to get the 6!


I can’t do the 10 with my phone and it has taken all the fun out of the achievements now for me because I can no longer advance. They really should make some kinda change maybe keep it 10 but make it for a Rare. The best thing would be to remove it from the required list to advance.


I can agree with removing it from the list to advance, but I would at least like them to keep and keep it as an epic thing but make the reward a bit better

Definitely agree that the 10 direct hits on epic should be removed as a pre-requisite for advancement. Please be aware that it is just about impossible for a group of people to achieve due to various reasons. Those who simply do not have the darting skills, lack of concentration ability, coordination problems, not having a quick enough device.

These people (me included) have already been disadvantaged all this while in getting less DNAs than others each time we dart. Do you really need to punish us further by blatantly locking us out of progressing to the next achievement level?

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It’s intended to be hard, its been 2 weeks, keep improving. I got my 8 hit (was it 7?) Be going 8 for 8 on a deer I launched on at 200ft and I’m not typically that good. It’ll take trying but it can be done… if your phone doesn’t work well with the game I’m sorry but they can’t cater these achievements to you

I’m agree with you

I think 10 direct hits on epic was too hard for rank10 (I’m ok, if it was in the final achievement rank)

For only rank10, i think Ludia should consider in changing this achievement a bit for examples:-

  • 8-9 direct hits on epic.
  • get outstanding for darting epic 10 times

I think it would be a lot better


Screenshot_20210311-214955_JW Alive

So… tip. Dart Allo, hit him but miss his circle so he doesn’t move., release just as the reticle forms

We don’t need to worry about this too much. Ludia has data on how many players have achieved that and can make their judgement call from there.

Still impossible for me. 13th dart don’t fire no matter what I do. Even with 1 second still on timer, don’t get released.

I thought it was impossible for me as well, but just try it. Give it a go for like an hour while running giga and try to time the dart release just as the circle turns white. Don’t try to aim, just try the timing. It’s possible, took me about an hour and I managed to do it once on a euoplocephalus. And I got a laggy mid-range phone.

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