Why did Ludia remove the epic strike tower?


Hi Ned or any other Ludia moderators,
Can you elaborate why Ludia has removed the epic strike towers? We used to have 2 epic strike towers per week: 1 big strike with approx. 7 to 8 battles in the middle of the week and 1 at the end of the week against a level 30 dino. Please don’t tell us you have replaced them with scent strikes, because that would be a big downgrade.

Thanks for your response in advance.


I hope we will get one for Sunday, the week isn’t over yet!


Yes, i hope so too…but if we do, it will likely be only 1 epic tower…instead of 2.


These strikes this week… while i have gotten some mono dna… have been underwhelming… i mean their fast and no fliers so thats nice. But the long epic strikes before the flies i actually found to be fun content


I agree with you, Evicton. I really hope Ludia could comment on this topic