Why did Ludia remove this?

Does anyone notice this??
Anyway, in 2.2 Ludia Implemented Face-Off Screens

But why, at 2.3, Ludia removed it?
without putting it in the release notes as well (apart from friendly, its still there)
IDK, but it just looks cool to me, and who knows we face someone, (e.g TGB, but we act so confident and evil, after being annoyed of a tough battle, then notice who your enemy are…)
( really its not important but i’m just curious…)


I heard it was because it somehow caused lag and interruptions or something along those lines.

As I recall there were way too many players just logging off when they saw they were up against a tough opponent.

This caused the game to glitch and lag for the player who didn’t leave the game.


Yeah, I think so too. I remember some complaints that players couldn‘t get matches because opponents would simply leave when they saw the scores

I heard it was because people would drop out after seeing their opponents.

They are cowards

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