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Why did my dna production reset to level 1?

Logged on this morning and the VIP center was blinking and it had DNA production center was blinking. I clicked on it thinking it was going to be a supplement to the existing dna production center. When I clicked on it and placed it on the island my dna production center was reset to level 1. Has anyone else experienced this happening today ?

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Welcome to the forums, I am not VIP,so I cannot give you any account regarding this,I think it resets when your monthly Subscription expires.

I still have all of my other VIP bonuses. Just reset my dna production center.

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I guess this is something you need to address to Ludia support. Hopefully they can help you.


Like @Tommi said you need to reach out to Ludia support, send them an email with your support key and as detailed of a description as you can of what happened, the time and the events that you are inquiring about. It will take them 4-5 days to respond but they should be able to help remedy the situation.

And welcome to the forums, if you search for a post with @Ned in it you should be able to find the support email fairly quick.


Thanks for the info. I emailed Ludia.