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Why did they nerf the hybrid pursuit week?

So sometime in the middle of this week, they just decided that even though this was supposed to be hybrid pursuit to get Megalogaia, and we were supposed to get the common Miragaia, it just went poof. Suddenly, no more Miragaia anywhere. Why was this cut short? So those giga scents became super boring. Sad face. Happy 4th of July weekend of super boredom.

I was just noticing that it wasn’t popping up anymore. Glad someone noticed it so far.

very sad indeed. just on the weekend when I finally have some time to hunt them down. they disappeared without a trace on Friday. my giga scents have not yielded much result this weekend. it looks like I will have to keep nagging my team for her dna. super sad face.

Nerf isn’t the right word, nerf implies they reduced or lowered it. They straight up switched it off. My giga scents earlier in the week spawned them non stop. Now none, someone flipped the switch off for miragaia. Probably a loose “diplocaulus” :roll_eyes:

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you don’t mean they spawned that mutch with a gig scent. I had to work the morning shift this week. so i couldn’t activate a giga scent during the week. I had hoped to grind them over the weekend and bring her to level 28. to say it in darth vader are words NOOOOOOOOOOO.

On top of that the deer started spawning late as well or at least in my game. Nobody even talked about it on Discord until Wednesday. I ran Giga scents and went hunting Monday and Tusday but saw none. Then Wednesday came around and they were everywhere.

Probably had something to do with that mid-week update.

I’m actually glad it’s over. I have 120k of Miragaia… She’s the last dino I need

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If they do that with mammoth, then that’ll be a kick below the belt

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Mammoth is an epic. Never have i ever know an epic hybrid pursuit spawn during its week. Don’t get your hope up

I use my bucks that I have accumulated from tournaments and spend them on epic scents during mammoth week. I get quite a lot. Also saw 2 wild ones last time

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Me too. I also plan to do it in area 4, so I can lure some Rhinos too

I do the same thing. That paired with 3 Giga scents should hopefully help get enough Mammoth to start stocking up.

I have saved up bucks since last year after mammotherium came out. I knew, this thing is gonna have a crazy good hybrid, and then entelomoth came out, and then that thing is even more insane

I bought two epic scents in mamooth week. Got 0 mamooth :smiley:

I usually get at least 1 per scent. That’s just luck of the draw