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Why did you do this to me ludia

so yesterday i play pvp and my opponent’s dino is about the same power as mine,i beat my opponent 3:2 scores because my opponent is pretty powerful,and the only reason i won was because my lvl 13 t-rex was here so i choose my t rex and my opponemt used a t rex g2 fortunately it was lvl 7 because if it’s any higher it would certainly 1 shot my t rex g1 because my t rex g1 lost a chunk of it’s hp after fightimg the opponent’s thylacoleo,and because t rex g1 fierce rampage deals 2014 dmg in one hit(enough to one shot that t rex g2) i choose that,and my opponent’s t rex g2 almost knocked out my t rex g1 with fierce impact
So my t rex g1 beat the false king of the dinosaurs and for that whole ordeal what did i get? A 15 minute incubator…
(Man i hate how rng the arena is even after you win there is the probability of all your effort and strat you put into winning the fight all of it goes for nothing)and that’s exactly what happened to me in pvp,i manage to barely just barely avoid losing by using my lvl 13 t rex and for all that time and effort the game is like"oh cool you won well Well Here is a 15 minute common incubator to celebrate your victory!!!

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P.S:Ludia should really fix the reward system for matchmaking atleast made it so that the harder the pvp fightnis the better the reward if you won,that way players won’t get upset when winning a pvp match 3:2 only to see their work is rewarded with something absolutely worthless:a 15 minute incubator.

The rewards are going in a LOOP Format. It has nothing to do with randomness OR how difficult was your match.


Lol​:joy::joy: it is based on cycle of inclubators

But it’s still annoying how you put time and effort on the fight and when u win u get
Something absolutely useless a 15 minute common incubator
That’s like underpaying staffs

I believe that next time when you win 3-0 you’ll receive a 24 hrs incubator :relaxed: