Why do counter attackers have such low health?

I know you’re gonna say, “But hey, dioraja, tryko and grypo all have good health.” Of course I know, I am not talking about these uniques, I am talking about the legendary and epic hybrids that no one talks about using at all. Here are some of them:
Majundaboa, Epic SUPERHYBRID, 3600 HP
Dsungaia, Legendary hybrid, 3300 HP
Megalosuchus, Legendary SUPERHYBRID 3600 HP

Two of them are Legendarys and the other is a superhybrid. They are all resilient which makes no sense that they have even lower health than a cunning counter attacker diplovenator which has 4050 HP. Their role is to survive a hit then counter attack, not geting one shot.
I really hope Ludia buffs their health to 4000+ or else they don’t really have a use in the meta, not even in tourneys, which is a shame because I think that all hybrids should have a use somewhere in the game, especially Legendarys that take a lot of effort to create and level.
Any thoughts on these creatures?


Don’t forget Carnotaurus and Carnotarkus. They’re all pretty underpowered right now, although Tarkus is almost definitely the best one.


What about Sonarosaurus?

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It’d be lovely to have a bit more health on my Meg :+1:t2:


I used it for as long as I could but power creep eventually forced me to remove it so long ago I literally forget when I finally bit the bullet and actually did it. R.I.P. :’(

I will be biting no bullets.
Power does not creep upon us.

It is after reset, but this is not unfamiliar territory for she and I.
She’s the Pikachu to my Ash.
Actually, at this point I’m probably more like Bike Voucher guy and his Rapidash.


I would imagine it’s considered a trade off for the extra attack.


You would think they would nerf their attack stat then, if they want it to do less damage. Seeing as having sufficient health is key for their playstyle.


I don’t disagree but I wouldn’t play them with even further reduced damage.


That’s true, its already pretty low to account for the counter. So I guess that goes back to the OPs question, why did they need to give them low health too? Pretty much the only viable counterattackers are Dio and Tryko (and Grypo too, I guess), and both of them are entirely functional and bulky enough even without their counters. I doubt anyone is choosing to use Tryko for that medium counter attack.


The thing is there are other counter attackers that have more health and the same attack, ie diplovenator and rajakylo, both being Legendarys too, so I don’t think these should have less health. I mean 3600 health is on par with a phorusaura and grylenken, which are both cunning creatures. It is kind of ridiculous when you think about it.

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Don’t take this as a request for phorus and grylen though, I’m just asking to buff these counter attackers.

download (3) download (5) download (4) download (2)

I do think these are reasonable buffs as what I mostly did was just bump up their health and gave some of them a changein abilities that will be significant but not broken.

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I think ludia calculates counter attacks like the creature would have a doubled attack stat. So they reduce all other stats, because their calculator says megalosuchus has 2000 attack and not 1000 :thinking:

This could be a reason why the most counter attackers has so low stats :exploding_head:

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By Colonel (Tarkus) is level 26 and boosted and honestly she’s missing her old health. She’s still usable but its difficult to live hits from the things she’s supposed to be able to deal with

But as I said before, these aren’t the only counter attackers. Diplovenator has 4050 health and 1000 Atk while being cunning fierce, so I don’t understand why resilient counter attackers don’t deserve the same amount of HP.

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They only gave it that much because cunning creatures were doing badly in the resilient meta. It used to have 3900, the same number that Carnotaurus, Carnotarkus, Purutaurus etc used to have when it was released.
Megalosuchus used to have around 4400 HP.
A lot of them got lowered HP stats quite recently.