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Why do droppers drop?

I have been wondering why there are droppers, are alliances encouraging it, what is the reasoning g behind it. It’s frustrating, especially when you are working on your 10 a day. I found a few discussions I’ll share that give insight from a few droppers themselves.

What do you think? If you’re a dropper, what is the reasoning for it?
If you’re on the receiving end, how frustrating is it for you, and how often do you experience this?

basically they’re saying, the game doesnt reward progression well and is less fun. dropping down lower to finish the game’s daily tasks in a reasonable time frame.


Okay, I’ll bite. I apologetically hate to admit it, but I drop now. I never used to. I despised those who did.

With all of the changes, however, my fully boosted lvl 30 team barely makes the cut in Library anymore (don’t be too anxious to reach that pinnacle). I used to be in mid/high Gyro and was excited to be working my way into Shores. That all changed under Ludia’s latest strategy. I am F2P and cannot afford to throw away 50% of my boosts. Still, I need to get battles and incubators. And the fights in Library and Gyro often include Testa and flocks, so they can go on forever.

So now, when I reach a certain level, I toss in a fun, unboosted lvl 21 to 25 team knowing full well that I will fall into a lower arena, given lots of people wins on my way down. I then begin to work my way back up. Like the poster in your image, I do not do it to frustrate others, although I am sure that it does at times. I would never do this (I love fighting droppers ludia - #2 by G_81)

Here is what I find aggravating about dropping (nicely, as I try to do). As I play my unboosted team and reach high Aviary I start running into boosted lvl 29/30 teams (not a couple, but several). So, I switch out to my A team, thinking that I have hit the ceiling as I move into Library. What does Ludia pair me up with next? Level 23/24 teams! :man_facepalming: What kind of matchmaking is this? I honestly feel bad and wish we had a sorry emote for these times.

I hate to say this, as everyone is accountable for their actions and how they play the game, but Ludia is truly to blame here. They created the issue and I believe that they not only condone it, but support it. It creates an amygdala hijack in the player that helps Ludia sell boosts and incubators in the store when angry/frustrated players need to get that win.

With the new Meta of the Month and power creep approach that Ludia/Jam City has taken I believe you will start to see a lot more of this behavior unfortunately. People will struggle to have relevant teams and will begin to drop more and more to get their dailies done.

Here is the good news, if there is any. It seems that a lot of people are leaving the game. With a smaller number of players working into the bottleneck that is Library/Gyro this situation may fix itself and people will be less incentivized to drop. Heck, even now it is getting harder to get a PvP in arena. Tried 3 times with no battle. Might be at end game for JWA I am afraid.

Go ahead and flame me if you want. Like many others in the game these days, I no longer care…


I’ve done micro dropping, say a few hundred trophy’s but no one can tell, I just replace my meta team of level 20-21 creatures with non meta level 20-21 creatures that aren’t good enough to win but may get a take down or two in the process. Then I replace those with better level 20-21 creatures and go back up to which allows my opponents to get a takedown or two as I rise that makes it so it’s not a wasted time of play for them. There are still those 0-3 and 3-0 games, depending on the draw from my team. I get a really good draw with good swappable creatures, flocks, Scorpius’s, hit-n-runners and get a 3-0 win.


You have always been a top-notch, and ethical player @Oriondestiny. I salute you. :pray:

I think that you may have the best approach to this game honestly. Stay in your lane, keep your team around 21, do not progress, and just be happy with where you are at.


Because nothing else will be found in library above other than extra dna for the season dino which isn’t worth most of the time (whether you need that dino is subjective). Rewards library above isn’t worth it when it’s the same as aviary and 4x the frustration to get them. And not everyone has time to stress themselves to do 10 battles just to get a 15min inc. Camping/surviving aviary is probablly the new endgame for those who can’t update their teams every single month when the rewards are literally the same.


Exactly @Allo, why bother progressing? The awards are not worth it. And since the meta will change every month now it is not worth investing in a good team. I will just keep dropping at this point I think. Ludia rewards that approach honestly.

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Exactly the reason i never went full meta when cenozoics were introduced. I’m playing a dinosaur game I aint interested in using a deer with tumors growing from its head or whatever mammolania is when they can get gutted any second because theyre (personally) ugly. Ironically this game encourages you to pick things based on appearance and not quality and is actually right on that part

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And you know what? As long as they keep rewarding people for building speed Thors I see no reason to stop playing the game this way.

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Nitro thors are still relevant in aviary even if the meta shuts it down. Those people are both going nowhere and losing nothing. If they dont care about their collection they aint missing raiding with their nitros. Its a win win for them tbh. Also ludia. So why not join the fun the same way with a different dino when the clusterbomb in gyro and library makes aviary look like a normal day that it used to. Still a win if they end up having a better day than the people with principles to play nice and end up getting eaten alive figuratively and you can’t even blame the former when they didn’t start and allowed this joke of an environment

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Yep. Thor is relevant again for sure.

Always has been. It’s a fan fave even if it was infamous as the boost mascot. In raids too no doubt. Everyone who don’t use nitro thors can nitro their mortems and keep thor at 6k/3k/125. If they have the extra boosts ofc

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Here’s a big reason. (Sorry for the super long graphic but it clearly illustrates my point. Of the 42 creatures given out as DNA rewards for PvP incubators, I’d argue that maybe 3 of them are relevant to end-game users. We’re talking about droppers here so, people that could be in low-mid Aviary or higher, in my mind. Look at what rewards Ludia offers:

What here is there to incentivize anyone in Aviary or higher to really try harder? Outside of 500-1000 more seasonal DNA, there’s absolutely nothing. Like, why are Irri G2 and Scuto at the top of this list?

I’d argue there’s only three things worth battling for on this list: Trex G2 (IndoT), Maia (Prex), and Euclado (Testa). Mayyyybe lion for Thyla. The rest of these are laughable and provide exactly 0 incentive for anyone looking to gain DNA by battling.

So what’s left, people who are intrinsically driven competitors, those who NEED to be the best, and then those trying to jump up a level or two on the seasonal rewards. But, since those are “highest score”, people are free to drop after they’ve reached an acceptable level.

Start by keeping this list relevant to the meta, as a start, and you’ll see less droppers. Add bigger and better rewards at the top and you’ll see even fewer.


An incubator that’s labelled as arena 11, 12, or 13 having the exact same contents as an incubator labelled arena 10 or even 9 by a tiny difference is a joke
So yeah why bother boosts and primarily maia are the only things worth battling for
Why torture myself when i can beat the living crap out of others in quick succession for all i care


ahhh so i have to drop to sorna marshes for maia…ok then hmmm

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Time management.
I don’t understand why people DONT drop.
If you dont need Sono you can get your incs a lot faster by dropping.
With the current reward system it only makes sense to go into Nublar before tourneys and resets.
Otherwise dropping to Gyro grants you the best incs per hour and you have plausible deniability because your opponents have a good chance.
Logically dropping further would be wiser (Only drawback is you may not get back to Nublar in time for tourney/Reset) but it’s not socially acceptable so Gyro it is.


Technically you don’t HAVE to. An inc from Sorna will also include a chance of any dino from Lockdown, Badlands, etc. Or put another way, an inc from Ruins or above will also include a chance for Maia, BUT the farther up you go, the smaller the chance since you have to add in the other dinos that are unlocked with those higher levels.

Tdlr: PvP is a terrible way to try and farm specific DNA

yeah i know and the idea of spendign a day losing enough to get down there makes me cringe …being destroyed on the beach or the balls is bad enough :stuck_out_tongue: but it might be actual fun to try wierd and wonderful dinos i know cant win like a team of sloths :stuck_out_tongue:

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Where I am (high gyro/shores), battles take 5-7 minutes on average. That’s not awful if you’re winning, but if you’re having a bad day, it can take an hour or longer just to get five incubators. If your goal is to grind for incubators (or just to get through your daily battles without wanting to bang your head against the wall), that’s a huge waste of time. It’s much easier to drop down to where you can quickly win battles. That means you have to deliberately lose some battles to drop, but if you load up your team with low-level creatures and just use basic strikes, that’s still faster than battling for real.

There’s also no incentive to stay up high once you’ve locked in your season high score. Aviary, Library, Gyro, and Shores all give the exact same incubator rewards. Why spend seven minutes in a deer vs. deer fight when you can drop down and get the exact same rewards in a couple minutes?

However, even though dropping is 100% understandable, it’s frustrating for the players getting beaten up. Ludia should incentivize people to stay where they belong by giving each arena its own rewards (exclusive DNA, one extra boost per incubator, whatever). They should also properly balance moves and shorten animations so battles don’t take eons, but that’s a taller order.


I haven’t done it yet, I just choose not to battle. But if I wanted the incubators and the daily dbi mission I wouldn’t want to spend literally hours losing 2 or 3 battles out of every 4. I already spend about 30 minutes to an hour daily shooting, collecting, going to strike towers, etc. I don’t have tons of free time every day so if I wanted to throw PvP battling into the mix I wouldn’t want to spend too much time on it every day. Dropping to lower tiers where I have a better chance of winning battles would make since and would also be less frustrating for me. Although if I were to do it, I wouldn’t use a team irrelevant for the tier to crush my way back up.

I do have a max boosted level 30 Thor. She’s my only level 30 dinosaur. But you won’t see her on my PvP team. She’s been built that way for strike towers.

Personally, I think their should be dinosaur level restrictions on the lower tiers. Not that you couldn’t use your level 30 dinosaurs on your team in a lower tier, but they would be scaled back to the max level allowed in the tier.