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Why do droppers drop?

I have mixed feelings on dropping. I don’t do it and never have. Not sure I ever will. But a couple months ago I reached Aviary, and I understand why players choose to do it. It used to take me a healthy 3-7 games to both get my 10 Takedowns for the day and fill up my Incubator slots. I dance between 4550 and 4650 roughly, and whenever I win a game with my average level ~22ish Legendary/Unique team I am forced up against a boosted level 28 team for my next 2-3 games, where I am essentially doing community service where I’ll get 0-1 Takedowns and no incs as punishment for having the audacity to win one or two games in the last couple days. In other words, I can’t do my dailies in any reasonable timeframe. That’s one of the reasons why people drop.

As I said I’ve never dropped, but I have encountered droppers. However, it goes both ways. I have taken a welcome free win from those going down the elevator, and in fact I encounter more of those than I do the ones climbing back up. So my overall experience has not really seen a net impact from these players I don’t think.

That said, there is no reason a dropper shouldn’t throw people a bone on the way back up. They should have fodder mixed in so that the other players can get a Takedown or two and the the dropper can still get their win. There’s no good reason they can’t open with junk and then switch in the Apex to sweep after their opponent gets 2 Takedowns.


I dropped for the first time today and it takes even more time and effort to drop and get up than to just do the battles, not doing it again

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Then you doing it wrong.

Dropping is the best way to safe you time and get your stuff done quick.
I feel sorry for everyone i encounter when i go back up. But as some off the others said: blame the system, not the once who understood and abuse it."
If we got something worth fighting for, then im sure dropping wouldnt be a problem anymore. At least it would get a lot better.

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My strategy of dropping changed over the years. I’ve found now, that a mostly meta team but only using basic attacks can hang at the bottom of aviary and get a random incubator win now and then. Minimal effort on my part and some people get easy wins off me. I still get 1-2 kills per battle toward the daily, and sometimes they just can’t take down a Skoona with what they have in the lineup, regardless of basic attacks.

If i somehow drop just below 4500 i end up fighting a bot and back up i go. If i’m on a time crunch and need a win really bad, i can also just fight seriously and usually win, but it’s rare. I do get a lot of Thank You and Good Game emotes from people, but also angry emotes before they realize i’m not playing serious.


I have never dropped but now I know if I do I need to drop to sorna marshes from shores!

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I haven’t dropped in quite some time, but when I did, I made my team half really good stuff and half low-level dogs. When I drew mostly the good stuff, I’d win, and when I drew mostly the little guys, I’d lose quickly. The end result was that I won about half the time and stayed in the same general trophy range. And even on the wins, I’d throw my opponent some takedowns. I think if you’re gonna drop, that’s one of the more ethical ways to do it.

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That’s a very interesting idea. I kind of like that.

I won’t flame you. I just wanted honesty. Some droppers suddenly break out their tough creatures, wave the no no emote and the white flag as they wipe the floor with my creatures. Those are the droppers I detest. But the way you answered, I have an understanding and I appreciate it.


Thank you. I’m in Lockwood Estates and was getting frustrated with falling into Sorna Marshes but after reading these, I will do my basics only. 10 a day, the daily strikes and not worry where I’m at bc there are those dropping for easy wins, and there are cruel ones who taunt and antagonize among the ones who are doing it to make their 10 or farm dna. I get why there are ppl dropping, but it’s frustrating between losing trophies to ppl who are from higher up that intimidate and antagonize.

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That’s why when I dropped, I used the half good stuff/half low-level stuff… if I ran into toxic droppers, I would wipe the floor with them just to make a point, whereas normal players got as many takedowns as I could give them. There is absolutely no honor in mocking teams you’ve dropped to beat.


Thank you! It’s nice to see honest and nice players on here.

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