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Why do Epic dinosaurs cost so much DNA to level up?


If you want to level up an Epic above L20 it will cost you considerably more DNA per level than a leg-end or unique. This to me seems utterly insane and limiting, making all Epics have a builtin obselecense and shelf-life at around L22/23, especially considering how many times you just get 10 DNA a pop.

For example to upgrade Stegoceratops to L23 costs 1500 DNA, and to level up Tragodistis to L23 only costs 400 DNA

Unless you want to grind a lot, it’ll take a very long time to utilise Epics at a mid-high level. Which is crazy because it severely limits choice.

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Well you know the same goes for rare and common dinos… they need way more than an epic… The reason is obvious, you’ll collect their DNA easier. But I agree that the difference should be smaller for all of them.


What about rares? This is why we need a easier fusing system.


OK a lot of good points here… so basically we’re saying that the DNA chances to create, and the DNA amounts needed are broken for lower tier creatures, stopping them from being used competitively at high levels. @LUDIA I hope you’re listening.