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Why do events reset now? I want my resources back

I was 3 steps into the face to face of freedon event, or whatever is called in Inglish, I reopen the app and suddenly Its back to step one. So I lost 600.000 coins. I just started the game, those are a huge ammount of resources for me. What is this? This is incredibly anti consumer

Hello, in the Play Store you can see the update. It has been fixed :smiley:

No it hasn’t. My appstore says its been updated 16Hs ago, this happened just now. Where are my resources?

That must be an error… for the rest of us, the new update patch worked and progress is back to normal… Maybe @Keith can help you with this.


Can’t do anything. Lost 600.000 coins in the hopes of getting a Legenday and now I can’t do anything. Thanks Ludia


Hello, Santiago_Benegas. I’m sorry to hear about your lost coins. Our support team would be glad to take a closer look at this. Please reach out to them at and kindly include your support key to expedite locating your account in our system. Thank you!