Why do flock creatures need to be so strong?

I know that on the big meta-picture we can deal with them, but on tournaments, man… Seriously, am I the only one who gets utterly confused and even ashamed for the big chompers that can only go crying to their mama when they see freaking pidgeons and Compys?? Why do these things have so much damage? They already distract or/and dodge, plus can resist more than many tanks because of the flock system.

Compys are ridiculous on Epic tourneys. I’ve been in more than a few matches where they destroyed my team cause I didn’t have any counter left (or never had one selected)… They simply come and go, recovering more and more HP and there’s nothing you can do about it… Honestly, healing shouldn’t be a thing for any creature that has other resources… Completely breaks the game if you don’t have a counter… It’s like we see in the arena with Testa. Without a counter you can’t hit them till they are down. They simply become immortal…


100% agree and honestly since the introduction of flocks the fun in the game has lessened in pvp for me. Especially in the skill tourney like this one where they are like the fly in the living room that just can’t be swatted.


Flocks aren’t overpowered. If you don’t have a group attacker use creatures with dot or counter attacks


Name this so called group attack having Dino you speak of that can actually get it off before they are weakened.


Flocks are just another P2W scheme by Ludia. Same pattern over and over since Draco. Release OP creature with few to no counters that the whales will spend money on to level up and boost right away. By the time other players have caught up, nerf said creature or introduce new OP P2W creature. They’ve been following this pattern for last 2 years it just seems to be accelerating lately with flocks, testa and swap-in meta.


Titan, skoona and maxima can. Ardontosaurus is also pretty effective from my experience

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Mammolania, mammotherium and tsintaomoth work too. And again dot creatures are one of the best ways to handle flocks since they usually use their cleansing abilities before they’re effected by dot


None of those work in the tournament this weekend. We were talking about the epic ones dominating.


Yeah, I don’t think you even read my thread…


People send Compy, hit you with big move (right from the start, without healing, for more damage), Then loses a “life” and immediately swaps out to come back at an appropriate moment later, healing with the swap in heal, and do the same… And there’s nothing you can do about it with a bad selection

Freaking ridiculous… Clearly another miscalculation on rarity balance, even considering this P2W pattern…


Then try using creatures with on escape abilities against it

  1. testa is destroyed by alloraptor certain build tho but anyway
  2. i agrre about the flocks there just a living monstrosity

flocks are good but not to op. compy gets recked by diplodocus, scutosaurus, and carbonemys,

Not if testa has devastation ready


If we had a group attacker that is immune to distraction or at least have 75% resist, then flocks would be less of a problem, but we don’t, any group attack that is an epic or rare, is able to be distracted and becomes useless


Compys were MVPs found in most teams I faced even in the LEGENDARY tournament in the beginning of the month… That’s being OP for its rarity if you ask me…

It’s the same that happens to Testa… The problem is not that it doesn’t have counters. Everything has counters, even Testa, and certainly Compys on Epic tourney… But the problem is when you don’t have that counter selected and there are few other things that you can do, if any… Just get wrecked by something that can’t be beaten before it escapes and can come back healing… and use a move that heals it more… Plus, EVEN if you have a counter and send it, opponent can swap out to something good against that counter. Then it can come back later when you don’t have the counter anymore, or it’s too weakened to keep countering… Combine that with other creatures’ SIAs and we have ourselves a broken mechanics.

I mean, you iterally have to fill your team with more than half of members that are counters to Compy or at least decent against it, which is what everyone is doing, and sometimes even that is not enough!


The thing I don’t understand about flocks is how 1 compy does as much as 3 compies

It should go something like this 1200-800-400 honestly that would make sense but Im not asking for a nerf either


Is wooly rhino op then it’s used all the time in lengendary tournaments

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It is the same that one dino with 1 health can do the same damage as with full health.

Too much damage, that’s it. Maybe reduce it to 1300