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Why do flock creatures need to be so strong?

I agree that something like that would be a nice balance for flocks but then I imagine that the downside would be that no one would play them.

@Colin_Goodman You suggest that it could be a downside that no one would play them.
This isn’t a downside though, not in my opinion anyway. Just as it wouldn’t be a downside if Testa was nerfed back to become what a deer should be in a game based on dinosaurs.
Let’s face it, it’s a farcical scenario now when 3 tiny creatures that kids tease with silver coins can take down so many supposedly decent creatures.


Not really no

I feel like in the most recent tournament, the compies were manageable. Yes they were on almost every team, but they weren’t my personal bane. That prize goes to scutosaurus, who’s strength was in part thanks to the compies

Realism, films/cartoons and a mobile game are all different things. Creatures in JWA are just numbers and abilities with a name attached.

The thing that keeps me playing, despite the bugs, is that there is more to playing this game than creatures with numbers and abilities.

Yes I’m a geek or a nerd, but for me it’s about realism.


My very boosted 28 Rex gets wrecked by an unbooted 20 Compy… Just let that sink in for a second…


I don’t think flocks are necessarily op - they just don’t have enough counters is all. We need more chompers, and more dinos in general with decent group attacks that can actually do damage to flocks. The issue is the flocks both require a group attack and either a cleansing move or precise move or both to defeat. It might be helpful to remove some of the positive effects from flocks a bit, too, if more group moves mess with meta, but I think more group moves would be the ideal ways to go, especially since group moves are great for raids as well.

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Nerf there attack and make more dinos have group attacks.

So then why is compy a flock if the head compy is doing all the damage why is is needed to make it a flock

they do have cunning moves which cleanse dot but if your crafty you can make a dent

Just a thought, if the HP is based on three, the damage should also be on three.

yes it is
10 char

Glad to hear I’m not the only one. Dinosaur and mammal hybrids sicken me

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Lol if you want a game with realistic dinosaurs, going to the Jurassic Park franchise was your first mistake :joy:

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It’s not a matter of realism.
More a case of what might be plausible.
I’ve said before that I’m old enough to know better, but seeing dodos and the like beating up Mortem or TRex is just laughable and totally unbelievable.

The kids in the Camp Cretagus series use silver coins to avert the attention of flocks and aren’t even mildly scared by them but they beat up on dinos that should slaughter them in this game.

As for deer that beat pretty much everything?
The less said the better on this as far as I’m concerned.

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In any case, recognizing that it’s a game makes it a better experience. Yes in real life the Dodos wouldn’t stand a chance against anything, but giving them their actual strength would make them a waste of everyone’s time.

My immediate reaction when they introduced dodos was why?

On reflection I see that once it was done they had no alternative other than to make a complete new mechanic to make it a worthwhile addition. Hence what we have now with flocks. Silly little creatures that dodge, hop and mock, distract and even come back to life!

Of course it would be better to just see it as just a game and obviously I do in reality. I know they are all just pixels on a screen! But why was there ever a need to create such daft creatures in the first place? And going back to the op, why were they made to be so powerful?

I suppose you’ve answered that with the statement about how they would have been a waste of everyone’s time if they were given their true strength.

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Yeah I see that. As funny as the Dodos are, they’re probably the least realistic in the game, if only because they were alive up until the very recent past. I think flocks may have been inevitable though. Everyone wanted Compy, and a flock was the only way to make them work. That didn’t mean they had to implement them with the flock mechanic as it is now, they could have just been a big group with a single health bar. In terms of offense, flocks seem mostly balanced, but defensively they’re too good if only for the lack of group attacks and bleed (which many can cleanse anyway).

meh i teased someone the the day in the arena with my dodoc which was probably embarrassing to them