Why do Gen 2 exist?

Why do they exist? Since the creature is already in the game, it’s weird to see it been added twice, also there should be more creatures which aren’t hybrid or tournament, it’s monotonous at this ooint

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Aren’t they improved versions of the original (Gen 1) creatures?


I know but they kinda ruin the concept pf originality and stuff, if anything they should revamp the creature, it’s just weird to look at

I agree with you most (if not all) new creatures are tournaments or new hybrid I really want to see some new commons, rares or even super rares rather than another tournament or vip


the last regular creature they added was Velociraptor gen 2

i am happy for gen 2 they can get correct model (if need it) + tournament version of gen 1 means we can use our favorites in more events and tournaments, not like commons, rares and super rares which has one event per three weeks

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Yeah, looking forward to Giga Gen 2 having the JWD model! :smiley:

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jeah thats one looks cool and i hope for allo from JWA/JWFK/JWD :smiley:

Tbh, I would prefer that Ludia remodel the Giga into the dominion one or just something better, I hate this one with a burning passion you won’t even understand, it’s just so fat and chinky and that smug look on its face urghhh

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if giga is your favorite one i understand you, my top fav. is allo, who looks there like a T.rex and is so frustrating for me, thats why i want allo gen 2 with correct model and alloraptor bec my second favorites are raptors

I meant the giga is my least fav cos of the model

I think they’re mostly a way to introduce new canon moddels among their in game moddels

Why not redesign it tho

that woud means some hybrids cant be added to the game, when we didnt get gen 2. most players are happy for that some arent, nobody says you must get them

It probably means that Giga’s hybrid and S-Hybrid need a redesign as well. It would take a lot of effort to do so. Plus, her getting a Gen 2 is more realistic.

Gen 2 exist too make hybrid out of creatures that already have hybrids. Other than Para gen 2 that was made because of Camp Cretaceous