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Why do green stops come and go?

So two weeks ago I had 3 green stops inside the 200m ring here at home.

A week ago it went down to one.

And this week none at all.

Is there a reason for this Ludia?

I think it is done to keep things interesting and get players out walking/hunting.

Yeah, well. That’s unfortunately not a very good thing at this point in time…

Well atleast they did that partially right. I still dont like the point of duplicate strikes in one radius. I know RNG decides this, but atleast they should code it to not have any duplicates in one radius. I know this was done to encourage players moving, they should atleast temporarily alter this arrangement

That’s my thoughts too.

Of all the times to do it …

Well, it’s something that’s been a thing for a long time, well before what’s currently happening in the world. I remember when the green drops were first introduced, they were originally only in park areas! Let’s just be glad that’s no longer a thing, especially right now…

It keeps changing regularly for me too. A few weeks ago I had 5 orange drops a 1 green and 3 strike towers.

Now I have 3 orange and 2 green and 2 strike towers. Luckily both are different.

No choice but have to go out for regular grocery shopping and buying meals to get around this.