Why do high level players have so many options?

Ok, fist of all this has nothing to do with the players who levelled up their creatures over time, slowly progressing as they levelled up their creatures and went trough all the updates, bugs and exploits. But

As a high level player you get the option to:

  • Fight AI
  • Drop Arenas (where you’ll be matched against lower creatures because the stupid matchmaking system still thinks that trophy count actually means something.)
  • Use unique, legendary or in many cases now ridiculously high boosted common/rare/epics

Why is this a problem?
Well, actually you having the option to fight AI isn’t.
But combine this with the option to drop arenas and get easy wins, it actually gives you two ways to fairly easy gain your incubators. While the players who are still trying to work their way up keep dropping. Not getting an incubator at all.
Then on top of that there’s the big gap between the abilities of a unique vs any other creature. Their crits are higher, the combination of abilities bigger and better and add a couple of boosts and your invincible… for lower level arena players. And there it is again; easy winning, easy incubator and large losses without any incubator for the people who don’t have any choice.

Now we’ll get to the replies such as

  • “St. Patricks” - this event was months ago and all these players have already chewed their way up to the highest levels.
  • Boosts- true, boosts should make lower levelled creatures a better counter for higher levelled or uniques… except… they apply to them too so the gap remains, if not increased.
    Also the lower arenas (Lockdown, Marshes, Ruïns) are INFESTED with high level players, dropping arenas and toying around with overboosted epics& rares (usually only leaving the legendary rat in their team for a cheap shot win in case they can’t win by strategy).
  • incompatibility- well, yes it’s true that if you keep losing your team isn’t compatible. BUT they got there didn’t they?? So the fact that after the boosts a lot of players are dropping doesn’t make their team bad, the infestation of above mention players and creatures increased. This is not something anyone could have done anything about nor could they have anticipated this. (except Ludia of course)

So, as said I think people in the highest Arena should absolutely have the option to fight AI, I just think that they shouldn’t be able to purposely drop several arenas and get even more options for easy winnings. Also it shouldn’t be possible to drop with lower levelled creatures and then easily work your way back up using uniques in arenas where they simply don’t belong, same goes for high boosted creatures. In my opinion legendary and unique creatures should never have been able to be boosted AT ALL.

Either that… or give all players the option to battle AI. But something should balance the scale.


Playing an AI is like a reward. It’s only in the top 2 arenas. People who get there really worked hard(before 1.7). So it’s a reward for all those time spend on collecting, grinding, fusing etc.
And about the dropping Areanas, I really don’t understand what’s the purpose for it. If it’s for specific DNA you will much less DNAs.

Drop arenas?
Don’t see anyone doing that intentionally anymore.
You can’t get back to where you were as there is currently no way to progress.
(It’s kinda a known issue)


This… outside of dropping from avairy to ruins, dropping means your recieve 1 less of each boosts from your daily defeat 10 incubator. And even then match making is still gonna try to match you up with people in other arenas. At 4900 ive played people at 4k this week.

If someones down they most likely been knocked down and cant climb back up.


Just curious, what player levels would be normal in Marshes? Or in the other arenas?

I’m in between marshes and lockdown right now, and my highest level Dino is 22, lowest level 17


Trust me. People in the high arenas are trying to fight AI. Like me. The lower arenas are infested because of disaster matchmaking and disaster trophy drops of 50 and no one can climb back up. Look at the leaderboard. Teams of 23-25 are on there. How? The same matchmaking problems. The arena is a disaster right now. Top players can’t get any matches, level 27-30 teams are lower than ever, and low levels are mad cause of the “infestation”… get in line. Everyone’s mad now except those teams hitting the board for the first time ever.


What is your player level? Mine is 15, I’m in Marshes. But I have only non hybrids on my team, level 19-23

I’m level 16, all of mine are hybrids but none of them are stat boosted

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I couldn’t have said it better… this nails it.

I don’t actually get the AI option a lot… (usually get matched first) but I wish I did because it could prevent these losing streaks that drop me down hundreds of trophies (currently 4,700’s - before 1.7 > 5,200. Since 1.7 I was as low as 4,300’s, but not on purpose- due to bad mm and losing 50 trophies at a time).

Trust me, only fools would arena drop on purpose now because there’s really no point (fewer boosts from daily incubators) and once you change back to your A team you’ll find the joke’s on you… because no matter what you do you can’t move up again!

The only good thing that 1.7 has done for the arena is prevention of arena dropping on purpose. For all the bad things, see numerous threads with good suggestions of how it could be fixed.

A word from Ludia regarding this matter would be more than welcome.


Something a little more substantial than “the team is aware of the issue and is looking into it” would also be nice. :smiley:


Even that would be nice … are they aware and looking into it :thinking:

I feel ignored.

Oh, in that case I assume this poor fellow or girl was soo neglected by rng that he/she ended up in Ruïns?:thinking: and no, this is by far the only one I encountered image

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Notice all the legendaries?
They are dropping rarity in a desperate attempt to get back to Lockwood.
You only get 3 boosts in Ruins which is a death sentence long game.
I can think of no reason why anyone would purposely drop.
You got to remember that your trophies no longer matter much in matchmaking.
An all L30 team will practically only fight and all L30 team regardless of arena or trophy currently.


In stitches at your comment lol class fair play. I really feel for that player too lmao

Who drops arenas on purpose? You get less winnings including less coins.

There was a thread here yesterday recommending people drop arenas because it’s more “exciting” and you see a “wider range of dinos used” I can’t seem to find it to reference it tho. Maybe removed

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You’re right so many exciting options as a “top player”.

I grinded a team of full unique to level 30, spending hours to hunt, making choices and now it’s what I’ve ended up with :

  • Boring battles against bots with boosts, only one Dino is enough to crush all the team…
  • Tournament where I can’t even use any of my hard grinded dinos, and where I suffer enough from speed ties to avoid the rng fest too
  • Rare battles against actual opponents where I lose 50 trophies to a level 28 indoraptor dodging 6 times
  • Battles where they have more boosts than I have for some reason I end up losing obviously
  • Tower where I don’t even try to find strategies to make them, just put a magna on steroids and it’s done no matter the level…
  • derank is not an option

But yeah so many options for high level players. :pensive:

Hopefully there are the FDL, fun tournament, open to everyone that can be played easily, level fixed NO boosts, and where the battles are different everytime. :heart_eyes:


Not true, only if your 4500+ below that it’s at least 50% of the matchmaking parameters (see patch notes) and it’s mostly getting easy incubators and “just for fun” (see topic inviting people to drop to Marshes).