Why do I face creatures such as Yudon and Scorpio’s Rex the team I put in is nothing compared to what I am facing

Can you please tell me how to fix it

It’s not a glitch, it’s dependent on the bracket. For example, you could put a lvl 40 indoraptor in hatchling, you’d still face lvl 10 commons, and you could put lvl 10 commons in dominator, and still face Yudons or Scorpios Rexs.


Not exactly if you put lv10 common in dom it’ll punish you with stronger than usual creatures.
If you’re bringing too weak teams for each league then you’d face very tough matchups as the game is punishing you.
The amount of trophy you receive is totally dependent on your team ferocity and not your opponent.
There’d also be some outlier matchups which might be harder than usual.


Also, if you bring strong creatures, like iraptor 10 for example, the game will punish you with easy creatures.

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That’s more like a gift but the trophies are punishment when you go above and beyond.