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Why do I have a red (4) on my dino page?

I don’t know if it’s a glitch or anything so I’m posting this under discussion, but since the latest update, the notifications have been a little weird.

Right now the little red notif says 4. All of my sanc dinos are still in the sanctuaries and aren’t due back for some time. I have no new dinos, and only one unobtained dino is capable of receiving fuses. When I switch into the dinodex itself and swap to emotes it turns green with the usual 99+ notif.

What’s the red ‘4’ notif for? It’s bugging me way more than the 99+ notif does because it’s suggesting that I have dinos ready to unlock when I don’t.

Check your emotes. That might be it

I keep getting green notifications on creature page! I’m pretty sure its has to do with the new hybrid notifications when you can create a new but I dont have any new haha

Checked emotes, nothing new, nothing that would warrant a (4) to show up.

I get it sometimes too.

I believe the number indicates ‘new’ DNAs that you have collected.

Example: When you collect a creature’s DNAs, then, (#1) appears. If you collect another creature’s DNAs (different than the 1st one), then, (#2) will appear. The numbers will add if you open an incub, FIPs creatures in Sancs, etc and received ‘new’ (new here means different DNAs that you collect before you open your Dinodeck) creatures DNAs. The process will continue until after you open your Dinodeck. Then, the number(s) will disappear. Before it will return again when you collect creatures DNAs.

Well, as an update to this - turns out it was my sanctuary dinos returning soon. But it was about 6 hours early, so whenever I entered the screen the notif remained up until their actual return.


I get that every time i dart or collect dna…but the most annoying thing its every time i try to go back to the screen with the dinos i have to wait a lot of time…like 10 seconds…its just like the game is freeze

Couldn’t be for me. I only have 1 out at a time if any. So it has to be something other than sanc dinos returning.


New Players will now be assisted by a system that calculates when their first Hybrid is ready to be created. The system will focus on Rare Hybrids to help introduce this system to beginning players. When a player has enough resources to create one of these hybrids, a popup will appear informing them as well as linking them to the creature in the Lab. Players will have the choice to create the Hybrid at that moment or at a later time.

The system is built to be non intrusive and won’t spam players if they choose to not create the particular Hybrid at that moment in time.

You probably though I was talking about the little 99+ but this is what I was referring to lol