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Why do Ludia troll on 15 minute incubators?

I’ve been logging my results; wins, loses, ranks movements, opponent ranks.

In the last 2 weeks 84% of my losses have been on the point of winning the measly 15 minute incubator. And out of these loses the majority are back to back to back losing hundreds and hundreds of trophies in a single session for a simple 15 minute incubator.

Out of those losses 74% were above my highest rank and of those 42% were 200+ above the highest trophy count I’ve ever been, since launch.

Conversely, my battles for the other incubators are around 48% above me, and none were above my highest ever total, none.

Additionally, I log my battles I know what incubator I’m playing for when I battle so I know exactly when a 15 minute is due. I can spot the change in opponent on the first dino they play.

Now this isn’t a complaint or a rant it is more a question of why do this? Why make the 15 minute incubator battle work like this, why troll your player base 100% intentionally. I have done so many battles that this isn’t a statistical anomaly this is coded. And I’ve done the measure before. Yes the %s change but the general result is the same.

They could spread the " your going to lose" code so it isnt always on 15 minute loot boxes. They could make it random, but to troll on this tiny reward is frankly disrespectful to those you want to play the game.

Anyway, delete or ignore as you see fit. :grin:

Incubators are on a pattern. However I know what you mean. I’ll go on a lose streak and finally win the 15min lol


Yes I follow that same chart to find out where I am in the pattern.

I just know if I get an 8hr or larger that the next will be a 3hr followed by a 15min

I haven’t got an epic incubator since I was in the badlands, is this a troll Ludia?

You will get an Epic Incubator for every 100th win.

I noticed that my losing streaks were coming right before a 15m incubator that I actually made a meme of it lol