Why do make a hybrid that is not stronger than it's parent

When I have seen the 2.2 tier list, Thor is quite disappointing,
Allosino is at elite high tier and thor is at elite mid tier,
why do we make a hybrid that is not stronger than iy’s parent… :thinking: :thinking:

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While I agree that they should not make hybrids weaker than their parents, I also think that Gamepress got Thor slightly off on the tier list. After it got a rampage and health buff in 2.2, it’s probably about as strong as Allosino is now. There may be other cases of this though.


If i’m competly honest this tier list makes no scense, how just how can erlidom be in the same tier as entelochops. But yeah hybrids should defenetly be dtronger then there components if not stat wise then the moveset

no, they said it was in mide elite due to not being able to get more than 2 hits off, the impact and instant charge. Allosino can do 3 cuz it has armor, meaning it can last longer. thor has the same hp, but without armor.

erlidom is in the same teir as entelochops, cuz chops is better for the meta. there are 92 resilient users and more speed decreasers that don’t so erlidom just isn’t the meta.

This makes no sense! How the heck is sarcorixis in part with ardentismaxima!?

Which one do you think is better then? :slight_smile:

I don’t think the armor makes a huge difference though, and Thor still has the crit chance advantage over it. I think those cancel each other out.

Allosino is only better unboosted. Unboosted doesn’t matter.


They base these lists on if every creature was the same level, without boosts. So say level 26 for example. It also has to do with how many 1 on 1 matchups each creature wins. So a level 26 unboosted sarcorixis wins alot of matchups against other level 26 dinos

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It amuses me that we have two dinos - Allosino and DC - that are higher than their hybrids.

Worst one for me is seeing DC and Monolomet (two hybrids with pure common dinos) in elite high whilst my poor Tarkus is down in elite low despite needing an exclusive rare.


Oh ok wow that is really cool…?

So I’m saying that on even levels sarcorixis is generally as powerful as ardentismaxima

yea especially cuase nothing is completely immune now.