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Why do newer tournaments take 7 days to finish?

They’re usually 3 days now this and the last one are 7, insanely demotivating to play. I already hate the tournament system, already have to grind against bots with random levelled dinos, hopefully the next ones are not 7 days.

Can’t be the only one who’s annoyed by them


Hm only seen this in Jurassic World the Game :sweat_smile:

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I am hopeful it is only related to the new hybrid being released and they go back to 3 day tournaments.


These tournaments are only for when a new Tourney Hybrid is released. Armormata, Dilophoboa, both had week long tournaments however they both had tournaments for both bases run simultaneously.

Meanwhile Ludia is staggering the Dracorex and Trike Gen 2 tournaments by a week.

This is only the norm for Tourney Hybrids, and should go back to normal after the tournaments involving the base dinos that make up the Tourney Hybrids.

Bad news is that with the Spino+Para hybrid on the horizon we might have to endure another week-long tournament or two for that hybrid’s bases after the Trike Tournament.

Should resume to normal after that.


Dont worry you are not the only one.

What’s better for me about these week long tourneys is that my RL weekends are quite busy, so I can set aside time to tackle the tournament during the week where I’m not so restricted by time.

But I still prefer shorter tournaments I must admit.


Restating this point here

And I completely agree with @Aether_12 over the Dracorex tournament. If it had been a weekend tournament, I’m not sure I would have had a Dominator finish. Also, I am not a fan of grinding on PVP, but tournament battles “have a purpose” to them and don’t bother me as much.

On the other hand, I do prefer shorter tournaments in general


I despise these week long tournaments. My weekdays are quite busy and they require higher trophy counts. So I end up having to get as many as I can during the weekend, which takes away from my free time on the weekends.


Personally, I’m ready for a tournament-free week. We used to have those quite regularly


I would enjoy that as well.


I like these week long tourneys because if I don’t get time on the weekends I have 4 more days left to do it

Yes I would love one of these also, il take a boss event over a tournament so I can casually gain some dna.


Oh no, so every-time a new creature/hybrid comes up we have to deal with 7 day tournaments?
The recent aquatic one only went for 3 days

Only when the dino components are used to create a Tourney Hybrid.

Every dino NOT used in the creation of a newly released Tourney Hybrid gets the 3 day treatment unless for a special occasion (like Albertasaurus)

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