Why do people use SPEED-BOOSTS on THOR?

But with 130+ speed it can one shot any epic strike tower boss :smiley:


I’ve speed boosted my Thor because… shock horror… i’m not end game yet!

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Because if you have a Thora , there every chance your opponent will have one too . And you will want to go first …


I’m nowhere near end-game, and I doubt I’ll ever reach that part because I’m F2P. So having a speedy Thor helps me win against unboosted dinos (from my opponent and the strike towers).

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Because you only need to out-speed their mid-speed creatures to gain the advantage.

Since Thor has relatively high health and has access to instant charge, most mid- speed creatures don’t stand a chance.

And if you boost your mid-speed creatures, you have to spend much more speed boosts on several creatures just to catch-up Thor. Whilst when boosting Thor, you just spend every thing on it. Hence, you will spend more resources to counter boosted Thor than just boosting your own Thor.

This is why boost is outrageously unfair and stupid.


Because speed boosting a chomper originally meant to be slow with high health and ridiculous damage makes it completely broken. It becomes better than all its counters more or less

Boosts ruined the entire balance of the game


I stopped at 120. Mainly to outspeed T4 tryko.

Speed is the core of stat boosts. The main game logic breaker, and the most important boost.
I have to mention what Ludia has to do after 1.7 release:

People who speed boosted thor to a supersonic level, was 1-shot smashing everybody in arena.

I have to type again: game developers was making a great work in creature design (logic and art). A dino with high health usually doesn’t have much damage. A dino with high damage usually doesn’t have armor, and so on.

A creature with so much high damage like thor, MUST be slow, or we would see battles very unbalanced.

Imagine yourself at 1.6 meta. You have a high level thor. Then forget somebody one day created boosts, for 1.7 Ludia buffed thor health and damage, and modified its speed to 133.
We were now being everybody smashed by sonic thor.

But developers did a more detailed great fine tunning: instant charge, same as allosino. this would avoid thor being smashed by faster high damage creatures so easily.

Believe me, creatures logic design are GREAT. What throw all this hard work to garbage is boost. But Ludia seems not care about great work or game, but dollars… people are buying boosts, because their opponents are buying too and so on.

Back to title: people are still trying to break thor’s weakness, making it unbeatable as before that speed boost rollback. so sad, not as easy now.


My procera eats thors. :blush:


Long game Thor speed boosting will even out.
The reason it’s done now is for the 1-3 month short game.
Do it while it works.

mine too, lovely yoshi… :heart_eyes:

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Great replay!

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I play a team where nearly every dino have a distraction.
Every dino is faster then THOR.

I don’t find THOR problematic.

Only problem is when I get to low health and getting rat-attacked.

I would say. Without the rat, THOR would be easier to handle…!

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Because it has to remain faster than the dinos that are slower than it. It will never be faster than it’s counters, even 2 stages ahead, but if it’s slower than the boosted tanks than it’s in trouble. If someone gets it to tier 6 or 7 than it’s a bonus that it can outspeed some dinos that are naturally faster but people don’t put so many boosts on. I wish there were no speed boosts, or boosts at al XD, having to boosts every new dino make our teams so stagnant…

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Because most battles are decided by who has the fastest, strongest Thor. And when the Skipper shows up with his little buddy Draco… nobody’s getting off the island.

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if ludia released only attack and health boosts, didnt break all game logic.

This is what i do as well, boosted thors really arent an issue for me either

Because I run so many fast distractors… tryko and other tanks can be a bit of a problem if i dont get my tank counters but its a worthwhile tradeoff considering how many boosted thors there are

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Because they want to chomp your face so that you make more topics on the forums about it :smirk:

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Because Thor is a powerhouse and it’s only downfall is it’s speed. By boosting it, Thor becomes more useable late game

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