Why do the monthly missions end before the tyrants pass?

The question is pretty clear in the subject…

Please don’t answer: Because Ludia.

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I noticed the same thing the other day, I couldn’t believe there was still over 20 days left on the pass. Looks like they started the pass with around a week extra time. It would be nice if there were some more things to collect during that extra time since most everyone has been done with the whole pass for a little bit now. Most likely not though.


Because Ludia/Jam City

Though really, it likely actually is just Ludia scheduling something and either timed it wrong or have other monthly’s coming in early. Though why that is I have no idea.

@moderators can we get a report on this, as it is quite strange.

Extra coin like Clash Royale?

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Give me something for all this pass data…

Would be neat if possibly they let the data carry over to the next event.

Cause a monthly is a monthly. Naturally that resets on the 1st of every month. No weird things there. Regarding the pass they’ve said it wouldn’t be a start-1st-of-the-month thing every time. So I don’t see the problem. You can just wait to collect the monthly missions until the next pass start, or don’t and you’ll still have plenty of time to finish the pass without it.