Why do the opposite team get extra attacks!


Why is it other opponents get extra turns when it should be yours, really gets on my wig!!!


I assume you did not get the mechanics correctly.

Turn 1
Opponent uses a raptor
You used a…random dino
Raptor used pounce because its faster.
1 shots your Dino.
Turn ends.

Turn 2
You pick another Dino, which is still slower than raptor.
Raptor uses strike

OMG cheat why the hell it can attack twice!


There are a few dinos that have an automatic counter attack whenever they survive damage so it appears that they get extra attacks.


A dino with a stunning move can make you “lose turns” as well, but it’s never guaranteed that the move actually stuns - there’s only a certain % chance for it. If a stun move successfully stuns your dino it will lose the next move which will cause one of the following two scenarios:

  • If your dino already did his move during that turn, the next turn you will see a button “Next Turn” and the move buttons will be disabled leaving you no other option but to go into the turn without a move. (you may still be able to swap your dino)

  • If your dino was stunned before doing its move that turn, the move you selected will be canceled and the next turn starts. (in case you selected a cooldown move the cooldown doesn’t apply anymore because the move didn’t happen)