Why do they limit the coins you can collect?


I don’t understand why you limit the amount of coins you can collect. Seems if I want to play longer I am doing it for nothing. I am a VIP member and for the Las three days it won’t let me collect anymore. I understand the limit on dollars but not coins. It limits playing time for those of us who play while jogging or riding bike. Please fix this.


Because money. For real though, we need more coin.


Was just going to say it’s all about marketing and business. There needs to be a control in the coins, and currency of this game. Had there be no limit, people would have coins stacked and their would be no incentive to purchase in game dollars for coins, or what not. I’m kinda glad there is a limit, spoofers could go to a populated location, and start racking up doe in a few days. More inflation of coins into the system would have a huge rise of over powered dinos, making even more people complain about the cheaters. Although this game is free to play, Ludia’s JWA app is not cheap to make/ maintain. Just like any game or business, it cost money to run.


You are perfectly right, same reason because I don’t agree anymore with the suggestion (my suggestion XD ) to have coins instead of darts, when hitting the darts cap… For me it is better to play without rush (or pay, if you want to fast level up your dinos) than see increasing of spoofers that will ruin this game.


So limit game play for real players who say put 3-4 hours to play to a couple minutes game play. Cheaters are going to cheat that is hard to stop. But if I can play 30 minutes and get limit on darts, money and coins. Well you just limited game play. What is the point you max it all out and get all 4 incubators and they are 3-24 hours. Then you make it where you just turn off the game and go to another game you’ve downloaded. As far as buying packs there are still those that pay 100’s of dollars to pay to win. If you buy the vip they should allow enough to upgrade dino. If you are limited to say 10000 coins and it take 20,000 to upgrade 1 dino it takes several days to save that or do like most and buy it. Either way I love the game but it has room for so much improvement.


I’ve been told that the coin limit resets every 24 hours at approximately 5 p.m. EDT, if I remember correctly. Please don’t quote me on that, though…

That being said, if you’re maxing out on coins in 30 minutes, you have a few options. You can increase your level (and your daily coin cap) by evolving some of your collected creatures. You could also limit the amount of time you spend obtaining resources from Supply Drops once you’ve reached your limit until the next day—when you’re able to gather coins without restriction again.

Ludia has basically doubled the number of coins players can receive from any given Supply Drop, so it’s a given that some players are going to reach their daily coin cap in a hurry. So then the question becomes—do players prefer obtaining less coins and hitting more Supply Drops, or earning more coin and hitting fewer Supply Drops?

But regardless of my personal preference, I’d recommend leveling up your account, @Secondchance306. It’ll help with coin collection and increase the amount of DNA you collect with each direct hit, which is always a bonus.


The problem with leveling up your creature is that it requires coins. We all know that once you level up your creatures to abave level 12, it gets expensive. You need 4000 coins to go to level 13 and it doubles after that. If you put a cap on coins than leveling up your level by leveling up you creatures is not a viable option.
Two things need to be done.

  1. remove the coin cap
  2. give more opportunities to earn XP.


While I agree that Ludia should consider new ways of allowing players to earn more XP, I’m not persuaded to believe that such methods will be as productive as leveling creatures up (nor will it swift in its arrival and implementation in the game, if at all).

Based on the current way that the game is programmed, however, I’d argue that there’s another strategic option. I’m at level 9, so my coin cap is 4,000 coins per day. I’m more of a casual player, so I’ve never reached that cap. However, if I was more serious and strategic, I could plan my week out and farm 4,000 coins every day.

So if we consider the following: 4,000 coins/day x 7 days = 28,000 coins in one week, that’s a lot of coins. In one month of saving coins, a player my level could have 112,000 coins saved up.

I disagree with the idea of removing the coin cap, but I understand that it presents players with a dilemma–either saving coin or spending to level up creatures. I think that’s one of the best and most challenging parts of playing a game like JWA. :sweat_smile:


I get my coins maxed at around 10,000 daily, takes me about 30 mins to get to get maxed coins/ dollars. Takes just about four days to acquire enough coins to level a dino from 19 to 20. Just takes a little time, and some dedication :slightly_smiling_face:

Luckily I budget myself to spending the coins and in game cash. Minimalistic IRL spending while enjoying this lovely game.

This is my team from one week ago on the 23 of July. Since then I leveled up the I Rex from lvl 17-19, Megalosuchus from lvl 17-20, Stegodeus lvl 16-18/ could be lvl 19 but coins.

This week I got my,
dilophosaurus from lvl 11-15
amargocephalis from lvl 11-15
kaprosuchus from lvl 11-15

One can only imagine how much coins that would cost.


In order for players who don’t want to spend real money to compete, 28,000 coins per week is not a lot. Considering how much it cost to level up one dinosaur. 28,000 coins only let you level up one legendary dinosaur to level 15. That’s only 4 levels and that’s barely makes a dent in your over all level progress.