Why do trophy counts matter to others in the alliance?

Hello. Why do alliance leaders care how many trophies other people in the alliance have?

Why do people who are looking to join an alliance care how many trophies the people in their new alliance will have?
I have seen players say they want to be in alliances with people at 4000+ trophies .
How does that affect their experience at all? In the game you do not get anything.

Alliance leaders. I see them advertising that they have top 500 ranked players in their alliance. But that doesn’t give anything to the players in the actual game.

What do you all think about people being picky about trophies from both sides?


High level/throphy is a sing off activity and in case we get alliance wars or something like that.


Thats a good question.

Maybe high trophies is a sign of more activity or more DNA to share.

I personally feel honored to be in an alliance with members that have high trophy counts. Hard to explain but its almost like theres some sort of unsaid competition between alliances. Like I’ll go look at someones alliance and compare their trophy counts to my alliance’s trophy counts and make judgements haha I’m sure at least one other person does that


Great point. If that is your strategy and you are gathering powerful friends for a competition then you are sure to win.


Our alliance doesnt care about trophy count. We care about activity. We have players in the 2000 trophies and that is fine as long as they play. As far as any kind of alliance wars I like our chances. I think we play very well as a team. So far this mission.


As long as members play, donate what they can and help complete Alliance missions then I don’t care what their trophy count is.


I hadn’t put much thought into it.
Were I to look for an alliance now, the first thing I look for is Exploration and Defense ranking. That gives a good sign of activity and is currently the main objective.
I would then look at trophies to get a good idea of how much time and money they are willing to spend on the game.
I could 100% be wrong, but I have the perception they would take the game more seriously, be on discord, coordinate, and push harder the more invested they are into the game.
If alliances ever become competitive, I want to be in the one with retirees who have disposable income for gas and car maintenance.
I don’t like to jump around much, so I would want an alliance that is like minded like me for the long haul. It’s refreshing when you have inner alliance competition and all 5 objectives are different people.

That was a really good question. LOL



You can always come to our alliance if you are ever looking for a new one.

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I actually think a range of trophies in an alliance is better for the whole alliance. Especially since those in the “4,000+” range are often looking for the same DNA and those in lower level arenas are probably happy to donate some of that DNA while receiving DNA that the higher level players feel are “useless”.

I think the addition of missions really helps us determine the sign of an active alliance more than anything and I see people now using those stats when recruiting. I just think it’s important to think about the newer players and make them feel welcome and being a part of an alliance is only going to help them grow in the game.


besides activity, 0 trophies during a season could be a sign of a flagged account.