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Why do V-raptors always start the fight?

Hi guys, I am experiencing issues against V-raptors. E.g. I have a Poukaidei with current speed 144. Opponent swaps in his V-raptor with initial speed 131 and he starts the fight. That really drives me crazy and it keeps repeating :confused:

Is that an error or just my misunderstanding?

That might be an error, I’m not sure.

Are these Velociraptors boosted?

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You say the opponent swapped in - was Poukaidei still suffering from any slowdown at those times by any chance?

not boosted at ll

no, slow down, I was checking the stats immediately after the switch happened and I realized that V-raptor is going to start. Also I’ve killed I think Tyrannolophosaur who doesn’t have any slow down attacks…

Yeah, that’s weird. Might be a glitch then. I know I had a similar thing happen once before (my Morty was the same speed/level as a unique, but for some reason, the unique went first).

Hopefully only a glitch, otherwise I’ll get crazy. :smiley:

Hey Slonus, could I ask you to contact our support team at with your support key so our team can take a closer look?

Thank you!

Support key has been sent to provided email address