Why do we have to fight a max boosted ardentis

10,000 health?

Screenshot_20210926-195006_JW Alive|690x1456

Saying that,it was pretty easy if you have the right creatures


I did it with
1.lion lvl 10 went for minor rending(Died when ardentis did GDR)
2.Dimodactylus LVL 11 (went for swoop and switched to draco)
3.dracoceratops almost dies when ardent gets a crit in RS,then i went with fierce impact and killed him…

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Also after darting ardent

this shows up

Looks like ludia want ppl to get VIP…


I did it with
Lvl 10 spino, lvl 13 dimodact, and lvl 11 dimorphodon.

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I went for DC then swapped to Draco G2. Got a luck crit. Draco G2 dies. Put in Tryo, swap to DC get Dentist to 1032 health. DC dies. Finish it off with Tryo because Dentist can’t one shot Tryo

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One good thing is it’s speed is only 109 so pretty much every dinosaur you have is faster also it’s 100% susceptible to DOT so a Suchotator will Bleed turn one take the hit from speed reduction. T2 instant Distraction will stop the rampage to 0 damage swap in anything that does damage a Draco 2 etc since Max can’t cleanse the bleed it’s simply a matter of time for it to die from a lethal wound. Btw Suchotator base speed is 116!

Even if Max GDR kills your suchotator all you need do is wait out the lethal wound with 2 dinosaurs that are faster than 109 and do damage

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Thylacotator in 2 turns kills it.

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Was this meant to be a complaining thread? :joy:

This is one of the easiest epic incubators ever…even players started the game this week can win.


i was doing the same strat but dinos 1 and 3 died so dino 2 brought the win

My Alt Defeated It with a level 10 Marsupial lion, level 10 Scaphognathus & a level 1 Dimorphodon. It’s like doing those Classic 1 level 30 creature epic strike bosses back in the day…


Pretty sure if you go suchotator lethal wound then swap in dracorex gen 2. It should be close to dead.

any 3-turn 34% bleeder do the job. even a common.
all you have to do after is let any of your other creatures watch maxima dying…

in my case i used scorpio g3 and other 2 good uniques by the way. believing it could have any surprise like a hidden creature not shown in strike info (like we had in the past).

but no, just an easy bleed showcase.
used scorpio bleed then swapped to phorurex rend to speedup the match.

it would be harder if we had to select only 1 creature.

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Nah guys the OP was right, this was super difficult. I don’t know how I pulled it off :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m only joking with y’all :rofl:


Scorpius Rex Gen 3 and Phorurex
Bleed and Rend


i just did it on my alt with a level 10 marsupial lion, a level 15 suchomimus , a level 10 spinosaurus

Daryx - Swoop to Dimodactyl (dies) - Daryx - Swoop to Vexus

Just bled it. No direct attack.

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Thyla… can kill Ardentis is 2 moves. I use it with level 21 Thyla and have no problem. No need to swap and i did not use any other dino.
Bleed and Rending takedown.
Ardentis bulk health is his cursed!!


Its even easier then that
A lv 1 dimorphodon, a lv 1 dracorex gen 2 and a random placeholder creature can easily kill it


oh come on I went for Ankylo, then swap to Dimo then use Cleanse swoop then thylacotator and use Mama wound, big boi is finished.

I used stygi g2 as a sacrifice, then got a revenge cloak on a lvl 21 indotaurus (Ardent went resil :frowning: ) Then swapped into a lvl 21 phorurex and did an instant and he was dead. I know there are way easier ways of doing this and I could also just use my mortem but this was more interesting haha

I took it down with spinocon easy

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