Why do we have to open 10 incubators for a mission when strike events don't count?

My daily mission requirement today is to open 10 incubators. How many hours are there in a day? 24 right?

Ok so let’s assume that we’re awake for 18 hours and we open our 6-hr free incubator right when the mission reset. So we’ll open a total of 4 free incubators while we’re awake. That means we need 6 incubators from battles since incubators from strike events don’t count FOR WHATEVER REASON. 8-hr incubators aren’t time efficient and the 15-minute ones we can basically skip, so that means we will need 4 3-hr incubators or 12 hours worth of that 18 hour day.

Why so little wiggle room with this? Why not make strike incubators count? Some of us have lives outside of the game.


11 Incubators per day is good possible:
After reset open 8h incubator and one free: 2
After 6 hours you have opened 3 further Incubators (2 3h and one free): 5
After another 6 hours again 3 further Incubators as above: 8
By this time you should have also opened one 15 minutes Incubator: 9
Then another two 3 hours: 11

In perfect timing 12 Incubators would also be possible. I regularly complete the 11 Incubators mission but fail the 12 Incubators mission.

However the fact that strike Incubators doesn’t count is not logic at all. Also the reward of 4$ hard cash is too small.



Mine is 14. For 5 Dino Bucks? :rofl:

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It’s not the 5 dino cash that gets me, it’s the fact that it’s necessary for the Alanqa DNA.


It’s been (poorly) communicated (as a side node in some thread) by some Mod, that this is indeed a bug. They are looking into it and actually want the strike incs to count.

Wait till you get to thirteen incubators in a day for 5 cash! You need to speed up at least 2-3 incubators which is way more than 5 cash, what a joke!

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Don’t count on it if it doesn’t affect their cash flow it won’t get fixed case and point the Christmas supply drop debacle compared to the dino stuck in strike bug that has been around since we got strike towers!!!

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I am going to miss Alanqa DNA now as now I have to open 13 today, till 12 I managed to open using cash but not with 13+ … I am gonna skip and lose 50 Alnqa DNA

They allow the battles from strike events to be included in the “battle X amount of times” but not having the incubators is just silly in my opinion, they’ll prob change it a few months down the line

Yet another broken feature!


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You’d have to show me a source on that one, I don’t believe that’s going to get implemented anytime too soon.

13 for me today–not gonna happen. This is such a weird idea.

It does seem stupid. I’m at 13 today. Luckily I saved a 15 minute incubator and timed one to pop right after midnight. I’m gonna get mine today, but if it goes to 14 tomorrow i think that’s impossible without spending money.

Does anyone know if you can still receive Alanqa DNA even if you don’t complete all missions?! Does it just lower the amount of DNA given

No u gotta complete all

That i didn’t say.

I don’t know if it’s just me or I missed something but doing the strike event towers and unlocking the incubators doesn’t count towards the daily missions. I’ve opened several incubators from strike events and they don’t count towards my mission to open 10 incubators. It is almost forcing one to pay hard cash to open battle incubators early just to get the epic dna or complete the missions. I’m sure this was a tactic from Ludia to squeeze more money from people. I don’t spend 24 hrs a day doing battles and waiting for incubators to be able to complete these ridiculous missions sometimes. I only truly dedicate about 3 to 4 hours a day to this game. Please if this is a glitch or your intention was indeed to force people to use hard cash to open incubators early, I would suggest changing that or at the very least let the end incubator on the multi battle strike events to count.

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Yeah, it was frustrating when I noticed that. I’m about to stop doing any of these missions for a while, cause many of them are starting to become hard to accomplish or very time consuming… Gonna wait until they are all easy again so I don’t have to skip a day like I’m doing now.