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Why do we think Tenontorex was the championship choice?

Just curious as to why this hybrid was the choice instead of a newer one. What do we think this means for Tenontorex? Is it getting nerfed (unnecessarily)? Is it (hopefully) getting a buff? It just seems like a really random choice for Ludia. I’m curious as to what you forum people think about this.

It’s a weak enough hybrid it won’t cause rioting because “now everyone has one.” Plus it’s an easy access hybrid so it’s a soft way for them to test their lowered point requirements so they aren’t giving dna away too easily when it goes to a new reward next month.

Doubt it’ll see any balance changes really.


True. So your view is that it was the “safe option” for Ludia since this is a fairly new feature?

Next month I would like a Thordolosaur champion tournament.

Though its not as formidable because of all the immune creatures and partial immunities, Ill still take it. Just buff it Ludia please.

I agree. It needs a buff. Fun fact: dilo Gen 2 is immune to distraction. Is Tenontorex? Nope! But stuff like Smilonemys and Quetzorion are handed immunities that aren’t in their ancestry. Makes sense right?


Idk Thor is arguably the easiest unique to make. I could for sure see Ludia doing that but I don’t think many people would be very interested in that.

Though I agree, other partial immunities are actually based on reality, credit to my teacher and a poster here, this is due to the genetic mutations of each dino and also natural selection, and other sciency stuff.

Yes, absolutely do this if you want Nitro Mega OP Boosted Thors in the lower arenas.


Lmao true. I fight nitro thors on a regular basis but I never saw them until Ruins. I would hate to be in badlands and see a Thor walk in.

A constrictor / lania championship would be sweet


I doubt they’ll do a constrictor one. They just dumped a ton of boa dna into the game and Mammolania is too powerful to be a tournament championship reward. Who knows

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I think Tenonto is quite good prize for the tornament. Don’t FORGET not every player is in endgame and are still creating new dinos. Just because you have it, doesn’t mean it’s garbage.

PS: I haven’t created it yet (along with another 20 legendary + unique dinosaurs XDDDDDD).

In my case I would have liked to see a Touramoloch prize. Mine is level 28 and need a push to level her up to 30.


I second that Touramoloch championship! Need more Toujiango DNA now that I’ve temporarily moved out of its territory.

Other than that, Diorajasuar, Smilonemys or a Monolorhino championship next. I need to see some sort of progress in my Unique creation making xDDD

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Reverse alphabetical order starting with testicornibus.

So Stygidaryx is next.


Oh please yess!!! need more darwin. Daryx now is stuck in level 26 and it is so hard to find the epic bird.

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I have a ton of darwin

give it to me… now game is paused for maintenance is time Ludia implements DNA trade for unknown people XD

Oh snapz really? Where’d you get that info from?

in that case, we’ve missed 4 uniques (Utarinex, Tuora, Tryko and Thor) but you do make a valid point