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Why do you have a 2 min countdown?

Hi Ludia.

I have been wondering about this. I go into PvP battle and the 2 minute countdown begins. After a minute of waiting the match is timed out.

So my question is why do you have a 2 minute countdown? Would it not be more appropriate to have a 1 minute countdown instead?

FYI, I am in Library.


Well, first there’s the 30 second counter and if nobody responds you get to fight ai which is great. However if they do respond you go to the 2 minute counter just for it to time out or take a long time before connecting. Wasn’t the whole point of the first screen of 30 seconds to do all that we wait on for the 2 minutes?


Try 2 mins wait then another 1 min wait then timeout. Or worse 1 min 58s wait then hang then restart.

Ludia has to stop with all the timers if it wants player engagement and just give us more AI battles faster.


another time question i asked before here.

i NEVER see time goes below 1:01 when it reaches this, countdown ends. i am pretty sure it will stop at this point every time.

i don’t know what’s intended: 1 or 2 minutes.
if it’s 1, then they should fix info to only seconds 60 to 0.

if it’s 2 min, well… it would be too much in my opinion.

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I never had to push a “confirm” button after selecting “Battle”, and any time I’ve hit “Cancel” it’s ignored.

What exactly are we waiting for after the first timer, the matchmaking has already found an opponent.

Is this where the code determines whether we should win or need to lose 3 more times?

Seriously, it makes no sense.

I’d like to request that if the additional 2 minute timer reaches 1 minute and then times out that the game offers you the opportunity to do an AI battle. I mean come on Ludia, think about it, think about what frustrates players the most!


Good suggestion GPx. Yes, rather than making players go thru the whole looking for opponent process, just let us fight AI at this juncture.

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