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Why do you keep playing?

This is an honest question and not meant to disparage anyone and I value everyone’s opinion equally.
I’ve been playing JWA for just over a year now and I love it! I have played my fair share of online games and I personally think that for free to play, this game offers quite a lot compared to other games I’ve played. That’s not to say that I’m never frustrated with certain aspects of the game, but that goes with the territory of online gaming. Nothing is ever perfect. And in my own personal opinion, expecting perfection is unrealistic.
While following the forums, I’ve noticed that there are a lot of the same people that seem to do nothing but constantly bash the game, never anything positive to say. Waiting to pounce on any and every little thing wrong, including spelling mistakes in Ludia’s announcements. The horror!
I’m just curious, why do you stay and continue to play if you so obviously dislike the game so much? Is it the hope that it will get better? Is it that you’ve invested so much time and/or money in the game and can’t let it go?
I keep playing because of the diversity of gameplay options, both personal and cooperative. Plus I’m in a great alliance that really help and encourage each other. I’ve met some really great people while playing this game.


A lot of people complain and complain, but I see that the good things in the game are what’s keeping most people. Arena needs a bit of a revamp, and there are quite a few bugs that need fixing (raid invites, the ghost lobby, cloned players in lobbies, dynamic text and alliance chat) but there is still a ton of fun to be had in the game if you don’t go in with a negative attitude


I wholeheartedly agree. Bugs need attention. My biggest pet peeve is having to reload every time I get a raid invite, very annoying. But that being said, it’s not enough to turn me off of the game, just a minor inconvenience.


I play because it’s fun.
I like the hunt.
I like the discord camaraderie. (Even as we speak the Euros and Americans are bagging on each others biscuits in language that would get EVERYONE perma banned from the forums.)
I’m not a fan of the 30/30 arena system, but that’s something that can eventually be fixed and give casual peeps a better chance at competing with volume battling.
Theres a lot to be fixed, but the bottom line?
It’s just plain fun.


Yes! This, a thousand times yes! This game is so much fun! And let’s face it, no game is ever going to have a chat as good as Discord lol.

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I enjoy unlocking and collecting things. I’ve been playing almost 3 years now (and I’m still a bad shooter).

When I first started I enjoyed everything from collecting, leveling up dinosaurs, and PvP. But the Steamrollers in the arena became so frustrating that it would just make me angry so that’s one aspect of the game I quit. I still hold out hope that one day the arena will get a makeover that makes it fun again, but I won’t hold my breath on it. A lot of people have mentioned ideas that may improve it. Even I have my own ideas (one of which wouldn’t prevent arena dropping, but wouldn’t make it easy for a player to Steamroll their way back up).

My girlfriend and I have done a couple of raids using ours and a couple of her kids accounts and I enjoyed that. I would probably try more raids but feel like attempting them with pick up group might be difficult because I feel like raids really require good communication (when my g/f and I did some we were sitting right next to each other, her her kid’s dinosaur levels aren’t high enough for us to do the more difficult raids). So I’m still looking forward to doing more raids.

And I guess ultimately, the kid in me (I’m 55) still loves dinosaurs so seeing the models in motion puts life into those little plastic toys we had when we were kids. And I’m always looking forward to what models will come out next.


I agree. PVP can be extremely frustrating! If I lose too many in a row, I just stop and try again later. Raids are fun, but they take a lot of coordination and communication that the game simply doesn’t provide. If I have one solid complaint about the game, it’s the lack of a viable chat feature. It’s terrible. I tried to post a message three times the other day and kept getting an error message, so I just posted it it in Discord instead. They really need to work on that.

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Oh, and I fully agree that dinosaurs are awesome and the game does an amazing job at designing them!! :two_hearts: 🦤 :turtle: :t_rex: :sauropod: :crocodile: :snake: :deer:

For the sake.of my alliance and unlocking new creatures.

Essentially the community of JWA. PvP has gotten out of hand so that is the only true downer in a really fun game.

Once you have a good alliance and sancs built every 2 weeks, the sense of achievement and excitement will push you through the anger of arena.

Knowing that 95% of the playerbase aren’t jerks who want to wreck the fun of others for personal ego makes things bearable.


I play every day because of my alliance, the camaraderie that goes on within that is awesome on discord.

I love the raiding and building up the dinos on my 3 accounts.

The game gives me endless hours of fun and has done since June 2018 when I started playing, and I would say that since I retired it has kept me entertained.

Yes pvp is not great since the 30/30 was implemented, but the game lost its appeal for that aspect anyway with op dinos spoiling the pvp arena since boosts were introduced.


The whole concept of the game is awesome. Yes, execution is very bad, but it’s playable enough to be fun. Wish they could balance the dinos better (but I understand how hard it is to do). Otherwise, it’s has been fun enough to keep me going since the beginning. I’m probably the only guy who absolutely love PvP. Raids was a good thing has it did bring our alliance together. It’s a LOT of grinding, but somehow, I don’t find it too hard to manage. My only problem right now was that my end goal has been reach recently (yes, I don’t fix myself impossible goals for games like that). But until I find something else better to spend my free time on, it does look like I’ll be around for quite a while still.


Why should we complain: we enjoy / enjoyed playing the game and we want it to improve for us to enjoy it more
Why shouldn’t we complain: it is a f2p game and we should be grateful for its existence


I have an addictive personality and a completionist

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I agree. there are some cons to this game but mainly pros.

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I play as the game is quite fun, outside of pvp, I love raids, and Ludia has created great games that’ll be part of me forever.


My “children!”


Frankly, to waste some unproductive times i.e. while waiting for my food orders, stuck in traffic, and when I’ve got nothing much else to do…


I like to solve problems (PVP). I have many accounts and with the low level ones I learn to know all creatures, very useful in tournaments. And when there is a new update, the hacker in me can’t resist, I have to start a new account and test the update :slight_smile:

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Because tenrex and spyx :rofl:

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I guess it’s because there’s just more stuff for me to accomplish I guess, lol

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