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Why do you keep repeating the same mistakes?

Ok why just why do you insist on tripping over the same rock Time and time again?
You create a creature that can distract and evade with ease and a lot of people complain what did you guys do? you Made another one, except this Time instead of setting up ,It straight up does both thing ay the same time?!
You make an attack that supposedly does one damage and then makes the Target vulnerable yo the next damage, what did the attack do? It straight up dealed More damage from first turn, It got a needed Nerf, and then what did you do? You Made another attack that supposedly makes 1x of damage but hits harder since the first use, It last for 2 turns AND has no cooldown! Why?! Why do you have to make everything More complicated?

Easy answer…it’s ludia

True enough

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And second more honest one…,they just don’t give a freak

Don’t look for rational answers.

it’s… L u D I A

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Why are you only saying this now?

All these moves are like half a year old at least.

Personally, I feel Ludia should just reset the game and try again with new evolution trees.

for me, the problem could be 75% solved without speed boosts, which may keep Dinos for its original purpose.


Yeah reset the game that will def not cause any problems. Coughwhales who spent tons of moneycough

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i mean all the DNA and coins are refunded. Just chsnges in the evolution trees to avoid Nodopato having 3 superhybrids and Ankylocodon has 0.

Just a weird thought


That would be interesting

Not bad. I like the idea. Though every single HC and coins spent is refunded? Also every DNA lvled up. Seems like too much work for Ludia. Seeing as how theyre lazy enough as it is. Cant evn spel Werhosawrus write. (Im jk)