Why do you still play the game?

I honestly can’t tell you why I do.

I think its because I don’t know what else to do with my downtime. The game brings me anger only. The joy it brought me is all but gone but I could never quit.

Just curious why others play still?


Dex, and hope…and the satisfaction of beating an over boosted player with my lower level team.


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To help my alliance members. To find a feeling of success.

The game is only angering if you choose to do PvP. Raids are fine. Towers are okay. Hunting is boring but functional.

Make AI a bigger part of the battle experience and the anger goes.

I hate fighting in arena but now with the 30s timer, it is at least fun.


I hate battling AI. Hunting is ok except everything is global so even if I needed DNA I can’t target it. And the DNA I do need is exclusive so FIPping is the only way to get it.

The raids are fine except they need to change more often.

My alliance is really the main reason I think I’ve held out. That and the social aspect of the game, but that isn’t even something Ludia did. The chat features & ability to discuss strategy in game is so bad we have to turn to 3rd party apps to get it done. And even then you can’t swap between discord/fb/forums back to the game without the game freezing and costing you moves.


I played for about a year when it started. Quit playing for a long time then came back at the pandemic for something to do with my time when not working.

I genuinely like hunting. My alliance is non competitive and don’t do much so I guess I just play to hunt for Dino’s right now

dinodex completion.
and something to do that doesn’t involve a lot of going out and meeting up with people (like pogo)
I’m happy to raid with people in this game as it can be done from anywhere at pretty much anytime within the 24 hour window for each boss and doesn’t interfere or collide with my work schedule.
Also pretty sure i’m somewhat addicted to it at this point.


I keep playing because I want to complete the dinodex, I hate when creatures on my team are nerfed, but at the same time I like that, it is like a “love-hate” since that feeling of “starting from scratch” makes me feel like I put to the test.
I literally spend almost 2 hours just looking at the designs and planning how to get the complete dinodex
in fact what I like the most about the updates are the new creatures and hybrids

You dun like battling AI? Why?

Raids i believe need a monthly rotation but then some will complain its too fast since they couldnt get the 250 (insert unique here)DNA needed to unlock it. For the more experienced players, the raids not the creatures is why we raid. Maybe every 2 months they change the raid bosses from Epic to Unique. Leave Mortem alone till 2.2 at least.

i usually use 2 phones when raiding so communication isnt the issue. The issue is the game is unforgiving for toggling.

What’s the point in battling AI. There is no competitiveness to it. Its just pressing buttons.


Not really sure why you get angry though. You are the perfect mindset for Ludia’s PvP system. Just battle opponents and have fun.

I like the creature designs and mechanics, and since I want to try them all out I’m always trying to complete the dex. There’s also some fun to be had in strategising for raids and tough strike towers, beating boosted players as well as trying out creatures you don’t normally use.

Mostly to pass time. We’ll see how that goes when the AR game for Witcher comes out later this year.

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Honestly, despite everything i love battling in the arena. Yeah, i know.
I love raids even more, will accept almost any invitation or do as many as i can even If i already got my dna.
Hunting is not as much fun for me, but i enjoy the satisfaction of leveling my creatures and unlocking new ones so i can fight with them. Seeing them “grow”, trying stuff, combinations, strategies, that’s what’s fun for me.
Although i do have a harsh nerf anxiety before updates lol

As long as boosts don’t punch me in the face, then that’s my JW: A experience in a nutshell.

It’s also fun to collect stuff, I’ve loved strategy games since I was little (even tho these days it mostly LoZ and Smash), and that triumphant feeling of outwitting your opponent was incredible. That’s why I stuck with JW: TG and when I heard abojt JW: A and how it worked, I fell in love with the combat system (the fair parts, boosts suck) and I’ve just stuck with ‘till know


Because it a JWA

I play for my alliance members. I also look forward to the weekly Gold Incubators.

I like dinosaurs and AR games, was a quite hardcore pogo player before encountering this game. Fell in love immediatly due to pvp mechanic, something that i wanted fo pogo since launch but arrived too late.
The game had huge potential, but down the line Ludia took some questionable choices and here we are. Took a 3 months break during covid lockdown here in Italy and came back with 2.0. I still think that the game has potential, but i’m not as involved as the first months after launch. Pvp is the most controversial part of the game, others works well i think, and always did. But being pvp the main goal of the game, i see where your anger & frustration come from, because i’ve been into, even if i’m not as competitive as you at all…


Cause Ludia :exploding_head:

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Good question.

Honestly? I’ve been about to quit a couple times already. The only reason I didn’t is alliance friends. The game doesn’t hook me up anymore.

I’m considering quitting again because of Mortem Club 10/15. This might be the one.

The optimist in me says it will eventually be fixed, so I’m doing the daily stuff in maintenance mode then head to Berwick to take all my Gyms and refill my poke bag.
I thoroughly enjoy the game when it works great, but every once in a while they throw you a 1.7 or 2.0 and you have to wait a bit for them to fix it.
Just grabbing a snickers.
I’ll be here awhile.