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Why do you still play the game?

I dun care about how you use your time but you are coming here with ill-intent. There is no constructive criticism just bitterness.

You should take your own advice and do something better with your time.

I woild agree the game is a casino but it actually is fun. I am not defending Ludia, I am telling you to not waste your time coming to forums if you are going to be a troll.

How about I continue to come and go as I please, and do whatever I feel I should do? Would that be okay with you?

If you don’t like what I have to say feel free to ignore me. I won’t lose any sleep over it.

I’m an addict.
I do still enjoy the game, despite the chaos and anger it brings with it.
But mostly cause I’m an addict.


well for me, I just take breaks like now, I was taking one from June. I got back to see what’s new and fresh.

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The main thing keeping me playing is my alliance. I feel like if i didn’t have them i would’ve uninstalled and moved on months ago


If nothing’s really changed by the time that new witcher AR game comes out I’ll probably ditch JWA but I’m hoping it doesn’t come to that. I’ve put a lot of time and a decent amount of money into JWA and I’d hate for ludia to spit in everybody’s faces like that


Still play because I like strategy and the JP franchise, and as a mathematician, I like this game as it’s all probability and math


Mostly, I want Mortem Rex. Lol


There’s a small amount of skill involved with the way you manipulate your opponents

Not sure honestly. I think it is mostly just habit now. I have given up on my dinodex at this point. For DNA you really need to be in a car, bus or other vehicle now. I do still enjoy PVE, but my team is at a level now that it is becoming hard to lose, unless I pick other dinos just for a challenge.
Started trying chess again and some word games so that I can slowly play less and less of JWA.


Purely to complete the dinodex. Gave up arena long ago so game isn’t aggravating, but towers are dull and far too easy, and I’ve got nothing left to hunt.

Once I get Morty, that may well be me done with it. There is nothing actually fun to do.


Of course there is skill involved. However, it is also involving team-building and how you play the hand you’re dealt

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Same here. I have spent so much down time on this game I don’t know what else to do. I still play because all my effort would be in vain if I stop. I will admit I enjoy the game less but I like the raids.

I just like collecting creatures

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Even though I think the arena’s been pretty bad overall for a long time now, every update has at least some little improvements that keep me holding out hope that Ludia’s on track to making it really fun again. I keep playing because I want to be ready if and when that happens. I also don’t want to let my alliance down; as the leader, I feel especially responsible for keeping people motivated and happy. I also like strikes and raids and unlocking new creatures, so even though the biggest part of the game has been “meh” at best for me for a while, there are enough other things to keep me playing, at least for now.


For me playing was for the following reasons -

  1. Dinosaurs
  2. Battling dinosaurs
  3. Hunting dinosaurs
  4. Leveling dinosaurs

Got me out of the house and exercising it was very fun and rewarding, but alas nothing lasts forever because the introduction of boosts made hunting feel almost worthless because your dinosaurs couldn’t compete with max boosted monsters no matter how much actual effort you put into your team.

Without a reason (other than exercise) to hunt, and when seeing your team get 0-3 by a base level Thor one shot your dinosaurs you spent countless hours levelling, it really then only came down to addiction at that point…but once an addict realises they are an addict, it gets easier to fight it and break free.

But when all is said and done, never forget it is a game, and a game is meant to be fun and entertaining, so if you are experiencing severe negative emotions, its no longer a game in your individual case and you should seek to fix it if possible…though sometimes the things that need to be fixed aren’t within your control and you simply have to part ways until it is fixed!

Im sure many would call me a pessimist, but I would also argue that once doesn’t become pessimistic unless something causes it to begin with…but honestly I consider myself a realist, because im always hopeful for change and I see massive potential in this game.

Oh and the art team is awesome, and so are the community and staff on the forum…though I do think the rules are a bit TOO restrictive, but hey thats me :stuck_out_tongue:


But on a more positive note, I am thankful for this game for it was able to help me lose 50 pounds and get to a healthy weight due to going on long hunts on foot, so I thank both Ludia and Lydia for that :hugs:


I do still hold out for a game changer update… 2.0 showed some promise but then it developed one of the most restrictive metas possible and I wonder why Ludia goes that direction.

I look at clash royale and its new clan wars 2 is and wish so much Ludia had something like that. Something that encourages people to increase their pool of Dino’s.

A brief description to how it works is… your matched up with a group of clans… each person has to make themselves 4 decks cards in one deck cannot be used in other decks. So you have 4 entirely different decks you need to keep up with… each deck has cool downs I think it’s 2 attacks per 24 hours with a 5 hour cool down between those attacks. You can do regular matches… best of 3…(which means after each match you change decks… or you can directly attack a clans ship which if damaged enough means theyhave to stop for repairs. And considering it’s essentially a race it’s an extended pit stop.

But the ramifications are pretty big… they idea of just focusing on one deck is out the window. But it makes battles intresting lost to a lower level player today cause his A deck was better then my D deck.

When I look at that and see how it could be added to jwa like a mode where you create actual teams of 4 individuals dinosaurs which the mode itself would stop the whole everyone plays the same 4… but you also need 16 high level Dino’s. But could focus on team synergy more. Levels count but boosts do not. In my mind this type of feature gives Ludia the ability to give players an unboosted type arenas with limited battles a day they could achieve it while still having their boosted ladder. The added coin sales from the need to have 16 Dino’s would offset the need for boosts here.

Those are the kind of things I see that potential in this game but Ludia can’t even really give us 16 viable Dino’s.


A fine addition to my collection
~General Grievous, Revenge of the Sith

this game still brings me joy even though the matchmaking is stupidly unfair, I still enjoy playing the game, I love racing my friend to see who can get this creature first, who can defeat this tower the quickest, its just a fun experience.

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