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Why do you still play the game?

I cycle and my girlfriend bought be a handlebar mounted phone holder to help me hunt. :bike:


I still play for two reasons. First, like so many others, the time and resources I’ve put in to this POS. Second, I also stay to support my Alliance. This game now is really…REALLY…bad though. I’ve never before played a game that punishes hard work and dedication. I built up an elite team over this 3 years or whatever it’s been, and they completely ruined them, and undercut my accomplishment.

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I ask myself that every time I face a team with Maxima, Magna and Tryko for the hundredth time in a row…


Happy Cake Day!

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I used to take a bus only on really hot days, but other than that I was completely on foot ^_^, I dont drive though, I get motion sickness when driving for some reason, always have =/

Haven’t been in an PVP arena battle in over 2 weeks and it’s been fantastic!

I exclusively do raids and skills tournaments now… they’re more fun, more social … and not toxic like PVP.

Pay-to-win has gone extinct in my book. :skull_and_crossbones:

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I play pop until I win a battle, then I call battles for the day.

*pvp, gotta hate auto correct

Why do I still play the game? Hmmm…
Because the AR Witcher game is not released yet :slight_smile:


Still here mostly out of habit and I’ve invested too much time and effort to walk away.

Helping alliance by sharing dna
Gold Strike events -OK all strike events
Daily missions
Trying to dart all bulls-eyes

Because im bored, but im slowly finding myself angered again with how pathetic this game has become:

Havent been able to do a single raid, yet the raids here are just horrible when compared to pogo’s raids.

Hunting is dull and boring, might as well just make this game a slot machine and charge your card.

Pvp? What pvp? Lol

I see Ludia might be adding boosted creatures to towers, which is only going to serve to push people into the grind longer or into the pay to win trap.

So im just waiting for the next mess up to finally delete my progress and be done

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